b'Domain KSA Expected Standards AssessmentANAESTHESIA AND ANALGESIA FOR PAEDIATRIC SURGERY CONTINUEDPA_S_12 3 A Involves parents/carers in perioperative management plans for children DOPSPA_S_13 3 A Uses different strategies (communication, play, distraction) to optimiseDOPSinduction of anaesthesia in childrenPA_S_14 2 K Discusses appropriateness of inhalational versus intravenous anaesthesiaMCAIinductionPA_S_15 8 S Conducts inhalational induction in children DOPSPA_S_16 8 S Conducts intravenous induction in children DOPSPerforms effective face mask ventilation in children and infants and PA_S_17 8 S demonstrates use of appropriate manoeuvres to relieve airway DOPSobstruction in children (airway manoeuvres, airway adjuncts, PEEP[positive end expiratory pressure])PA_S_18 8 S Discusses appropriate sizing and application of oral and nasal pharyngealCBDairways, supraglottic airway devices and endotracheal tubesPA_S_19 8 K Discusses indications for nasal intubation in children MCAIPA_S_20 8 S Performs oral intubation in children and infants DOPSPerforms/has exposure to video laryngoscopy in a child/infantPA_S_21 SALUS 1 K Selects appropriate ventilator settings for infants and children DOPSPA_S_22 5 K Formulates a pain management plan for paediatric anaesthesia after bothCBDmajor and minor surgeryDescribes how to perform the following blocks in children:PA_S_23 8 S penile block CBDilioinguinal blockcaudal blockPA_S_24 8 S Anaesthetises children 2 years with distant supervision CBDPA_S_25 8 S Anaesthetises children 2 years with local supervisi on CBDProvides anaesthesia for minor/moderate elective proceduresPA_S_26 8 S e.g. hernia repair, circumcision, hypospadiasis, squint repair, GrommetsDOPSinsertionsProvides anaesthesia for minor/moderate emergency proceduresPA_S_27 8 S e.g. appendicectomies, scrotal explorations, lacerations, bone fractures,DOPSincision and drainage of abscessesPerforms anaesthesia for the shared airwayPA_S_28 8 S e.g. dental treatment, tonsillectomy, cleft palate repair, microlaryngoscopyMini-CEXand bronchoscopyPA_S_29 8 S Describes safe provision of anaesthesia for procedures in remote locations,MCAIe.g. CT, MRI, cardiac catheterisationPA_S_30 8 S Describes safe provision of anaesthesia for intra- and interhospital transferMCAIof paediatric patientWorks collaboratively with other members of the theatre team to prepare PA_S_31 4 S children for anaesthesia, deliver anaesthesia and recover children in a safeMini-CEXnon-threatening environmentPA_S_32Explains what actions must be taken when non-accidental injury isSALUS 7 A suspected MCAICurriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme 95'