b'General Anaesthesia for ASA I-II Patients for Low-risk Surgical ProcedureGA_C_6 SALUS 1 S Properly prepares the anaesthetic room and/or operating theatre IACGA_C_7Conducts a pre-operative equipment check, as per AA (Association of SALUS 1 S Anaesthetists) guidelines IACGA_C_8 SALUS 1 S Prepares the required drugs, including emergency drugs IACGA_C_10Outlines preoperative fasting guidelines, identifies patients at risk of SALUS 1 K pulmonary aspiration of gastric contents and discusses perioperativeMCAImeasures to reduce the risk of sameGA_C_16 SALUS 1 S Ensures that standard mandatory monitoring is applied IACGA_C_17Participates in and/or initiates the Surgical Safety Checklist according to SALUS 1 K local protocol IACGA_C_27 SALUS 1 K Ensures safe patient positioning for surgery DOPSGA_C_29 SALUS 1 K Maintains anaesthesia and monitors patient satisfactorily DOPSGA_C_31Outlines the recognition of emergencies and knows when to call for help/SALUS 1 S support CBDOutlines the management of common problems in the PACUincluding:HypotensionGA_C_36HypertensionSALUS 1 S Tachycardia FCAIBradycardiaPostoperative nausea and vomitingSevere painGA_C_37 SALUS 1 K Explains the criteria for patient discharge from PACU MCAIRegional Anaesthesia (1)Neuraxial and Foundation Peripheral Nerve BlockadeDemonstrates safety during the blockade, including:Confirming site of surgery has been marked, and confirming site ofregional techniqueAttaches appropriate monitoringEstablishes intravenous accessRN_C_12Positioning of patientSALUS 1,8 S Identification of anatomical landmarks Mini-CEXUse of aseptic techniqueSelection of appropriate needleSelecting, checking, drawing up, diluting, and labelling of drugs forinjectionChecking for inadvertent intravenous and intraneural administrationRN_C_26 SALUS 1 K Knows the criteria for safe discharge of a patient under regional blockade CBDRN_C_27Explains the need to review patients following regional technique toSALUS 1 A ensure block has worn off and there are no residual complications MCAICurriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme 109'