b'Tab 2: Completing Feedback ReportsAnimation outlining Feedback ReportsFeedback Reports in ActionMini-CEX in action with trainee dealing with an anxious patientDr Ron Charles shares positive experiences of EPA project using Feedback ReportsDr Rebecca Fanning discusses Managing Pain in Labour EPADr Lua Rahmani Benefits of regular structured FeedbackDr Gabriel Beecham explains how feedback reports benefit traineesDr Karthikeyan Srinivasan offers practical advice on completing feedback reportsDr David Moore shares his experience of Feedback ReportsDOPS in action with trainee who needs direct supervisionDOPS in action with trainee who is ready for independent practiceFieldnote in action with example of ineffective feedbackFieldnote in action with example of effective feedbackSupervision scale in PracticeHow to use the Feedback Report APP (Mini CEX Vascular Access Demo)How to save and return to draft reportHow to filter reports visible on your dashboardHow to share the content of your dashboardHow to give feedback on your experience of using the appHow to Guides CAI Guidelines on Completing EPA Feedback ReportsMedical Councils domains of good professional practice (PDF)Supervision scale for anaesthesia in Irish hospitals (PDF)Summary of fields in the app (PDF)Tab 3: Giving Effective FeedbackGiving Effective Feedback vimeoFeedback in ActionIneffective feedback conversationEffective feedback conversationFeedback conversation with the struggling traineeFeedback conversation with the high performing traineeA SAT 1 trainee, explains why feedback is important for learningA SAT 5 trainee, shares tips for receiving feedbackA Post CSCST Fellow, talks about feedback in practiceHow to Guides Tips on giving effective feedback (PDF)The advocacy enquiry method of feedback (PDF)Tips for receiving effective feedback (PDF148 Curriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme'