b'Anaesthesia and Analgesia for Obstetric CareDescription:After completing this unit, the trainee will demonstrate sufficient skill to deliver safe perioperative anaesthetic care to the pregnant patient requiring analgesia or anaesthesia, and will recognise the need for referral for a higher level of care for the obstetric patient with a complex medical history.Legend for Competency TableDomain KSA Expected Standards AssessmentBASIC SCIENTIFIC AND CLINICAL KNOWLEDGE RELEVANT TOOBSTETRIC ANAESTHESIAOB_S_1 6 K Describes changes in maternal anatomy relating to pregnancy MCAIOB_S_2 6 K Describes the changes in anatomy of the maternal airway and the MCAIimplications for airway managementDescribes the changes in the anatomy of the maternal vertebral column, OB_S_3 6 K spinal cord and meninges relevant to the performance of neuraxial MCAIproceduresOB_S_4 6 K Describes the anatomy and physiology of pain in labour and childbirth MCAIDescribes the physiological changes that occur during pregnancy, labour OB_S_5 6 K and delivery in particular changes to cardiovascular, respiratory, haemato- MCAIlogical and gastro-intestinal changes Describes the effect of aorto-caval compression and how to avoid itOB_S_6 6,8 K Outlines reference ranges for physiological and biochemical variables inMCAIpregnancyOB_S_7 6 K Describes pharmacology related to pregnancy and labour MCAIOB_S_8 6 K Describes the influence of pregnancy on the pharmacokinetics and MCAIpharmacodynamics of drugs commonly used in anaesthesia and analgesiaOB_S_9 6 K Describes tocolytic agents including beta 2 agonists, calcium antagonists,MCAImagnesium, inhalational anaesthetics, NSAIDsOB_S_10 6 K Describes pharmacology of agents used for treatment of pre-eclampsia,MCAIincluding magnesium, hydralazine, labetalolOB_S_11 6 K Describes oxytocic agents including prostaglandins, ergot derivatives,MCAIoxytocin derivativesOB_S_12 SALUS 1,6 K Describes clinical methods to assess for foetal health in utero MCAIOB_S_13 6 K Describes foetal and neonatal circulation and ventilationMCAIOB_S_14 6 K Explains factors that influence the transfer of drugs across the placenta MCAIOB_S_15Outlines potential effects on the foetus of drugs administered during SALUS 1,6 K pregnancy MCAIOB_S_16Outlines the effects on the neonate of drugs administered in association SALUS 1,6 K with breast feeding MCAICONDUCTS APPROPRIATE PATIENT ASSESSMENTS OB_S_17Identifies risk factors and required pre-operative interventions toSALUS 1,6 K optimise clinical conditionCBDOB_S_18 4,8 K Outlines indications for referral of a high risk pregnant patient to a CBDspecialised centre of care90 Curriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme'