b'of tutor appointments in its sole and absoluteThe tutor should brief a departmental meeting with an discretion. In the event, that the Training Committeeoverview of the objectives agreed for all trainees;does not approve a nomination, the AnaesthesiologyThe tutor should keep the Training Department Department may propose an alternative nominee; informed of relevant developments that may influence A tutor is appointed for an initial term of three years.trainees performance and wellbeing;The Training Department maintains a log of tutorThe tutor is primarily responsible for the Trainee Appointments and reviews this annually to establish if aAssessment process. Full details are outlined under three-year term is due to expire.The Department ChairThe Assessment Process in the Requirements for should be contacted to confirm extension of term or toTrainees section above.propose a new nominee The tutor should attend the CAI Annual Tutor Training The College recommends that one tutor should beDay, ideally each year but at a minimum should attend appointed for every eight trainees at a minimum. Wheretwice in the three years of their appointment. Attendance there are less than eight trainees, it is advisable to appointwill be reviewed on renewal of tutor appointment.a second tutor to cover leave / absence. Lead Tutor:Duties of Tutors: The network of Anaesthesiology Tutors throughout the The principal duties of the tutor are outlined below: training hospitals is represented at the Training Committee On allocation of trainees to hospital sites: by the Lead Tutor.The Lead Tutor should be selected by -On receipt of notification from the College the tutorthe Anaesthesiology Tutors across the training hospitals should contact each trainee to establish initialfrom among their number. Tutors should avail of the preferences regarding modules, on-call requirements,Lead Tutor to keep the Training Committee informed of examinations and course requirements; relevant matters and to highlight any matters in relation -The tutor reviews preferences and appoints the rotato anaesthesiology training that require attention and to maker; recommend improvements for consideration.-The tutor is responsible for releasing trainees toEach geographical region is represented at the attend mandatory courses and examinations asTraining Committee, ideally by two tutors from each part of the Training Programme. A trainee shouldRegion.Appointment of the regional representatives is not be expected to attend a Mandatory Training orco-ordinated by the Lead Tutor in conjunction with the Simulation course if they are post-call; Training Manager.-The tutor is responsible for releasing SAT 6 trainees for non-clinical day; Duties of the College:The tutor should identify who is the appointed LeadThe College has a responsibility to ensure that tutors Anaesthesiology Trainee (LAT) and ensure thatare equipped to carry out their role.In this regard, the the Anaesthesiology Department is aware of theCollege undertakes to:appointment. Where the Anaesthesiology DepartmentProvide appropriate information to tutors on appointment;considers that the LAT appointment may not beProvide access to relevant electronic facilities, e.g. appropriate, e.g. in terms of seniority or experience, theAssessment tools, competency sign off;tutor should refer this to the Training Department; Hold a tutor training / information day at least annually;The tutor should be familiar with curriculum requirements,Be available for one-to one meetings, if required, as a training guidelines and examination regulations; means of orientation for new tutors;The tutor should be familiar with all electronicInvite tutors to participate in working groups as processes for trainee management, e.g. log books,appropriate, e.g. where key change to current practice training diary and assessment tools; is under consideration;The tutor is primarily responsible for the in-hospitalProvide appropriate Continuing Professional training, including teaching, presentations, access toDevelopment (CPD) points for tutor / trainee modules and competencies; educational activity, as a guide 1.5 hours per traineeThe tutor is primarily responsible for monitoring trainees:per six month period and a further 6 points for the-Meeting trainees at the start of the rotation to agreeTutor Day.goals and objectives;-Meeting trainees in the middle of the six monthsNote:rotation to provide the opportunity for one-to-one The College has begun the process of placing meetings to gauge progress, provide feedback andeducational material on a digital hub. See Appendix 7: take remedial action if required; CAI Competency Framework Hub-Arranging end of rotation meeting.Curriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme 31'