b'Modular UnitsAnaesthesia for General, Urological and Gynaecological SurgeryVolume of PracticeEmergency laparotomy25Laparoscopic upper abdominal surgery 20Elective major open upper abdominal surgery10Laparoscopic lower abdominal and pelvic surgery 20Elective major open abdominal & pelvic surgery15Abdominal wall and perineal surgery20Endoscopic urological surgery20Major per vaginal surgery5Breast surgery 5Upper GI (gastro-intestinal) endoscopy10Colonoscopy and per rectal procedures 5Total minimum VOP: 155Workplace Based AssessmentsRequired Workplace based assessment 3CBD:2Available WBAs DOPS:11Mini-CEX: 4Anaesthesia for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, including BurnsVolume of PracticeReconstructive surgery 10Burns patient: resuscitation, and anaesthesia 5Total minimum VOP: 15Workplace Based AssessmentsRequired Workplace based assessment 1CBD:3Available WBAs DOPS:-Mini-CEX: 1Curriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme 127'