b'Domain KSA Expected Standards AssessmentPB_M_6 6 K Discusses the principles of the postoperative management of the patientCBDwho underwent surgery for tissue flapsBURNSPB_M_7 6 K Describes the types and pathophysiology of burns and their systemic effects FCAIPB_M_8 6 S Discusses the initial assessment and resuscitation of the burns patient FCAIPB_M_9 6 S Discusses the potential associated injuries in the burns patient FCAIPB_M_10 6 K Discusses temperature homeostasis in the patient with burns and theFCAIimplications of hypothermiaPB_M_11 6 S Discusses the potential mechanisms of the airway injury in the burns FCAIpatient and its implications for the anaesthesiologistPB_M_12 8 S Discusses the issues associated with monitoring and securing intravenousCBDaccess in the patient with burnsPB_M_13 6 K Describes methods used for estimation of the extent of the burns injury FCAIPB_M_14 6 K Discusses calculation of fluid resuscitation for the patient with burns FCAIDiscusses the anaesthetic and analgesic considerations and indicationsfor surgery and procedures in the patient with burns, includingPB_M_15 6 K Escharotomy and decompressive therapies FCAIWound debridement and graftingDressing changesDiscusses the considerations in the critical care management of thepatient with burns, includingFluid resuscitation and electrolyte managementPB_M_16 6 K Mechanical ventilation FCAIHypothermiaMetabolism and nutritionInfectionPsychological care/rehabilitationPB_M_17 3 A Provides emotional support to and approaches with empathy the patientFCAIand the family of the patient with burnsMinimum criteria for assessing completion of unit:Volume of PracticeReconstructive surgery 10Burns patient: resuscitation, and anaesthesia 5Total minimum VOP: 15Workplace Based AssessmentsRequired Workplace based assessment 1CBD:3Available WBAs DOPS:-Mini-CEX: 1Curriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme 67'