b'Domain KSA Expected Standards AssessmentTHORACIC SURGERY CONTINUED.Explains changes in lung physiology and the implications formanagement that occur during one lung ventilation and strategies to CT_M_22 6 K mage these changes CBDopen thoraxlateral decubitus positioningCT_M_23 6 K Discusses hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction CBDCT_M_24 Describes indications and contra-indications and managementof one SALUS 1,8 K lung ventilation FCAIDescribes the airway strategies of a patient undergoing one lungCT_M_25 6 K ventilation and anaesthesia, including but not limited toFCAIPlacement of a double-lumen tubeBronchial blockersCT_M_26 6 K Demonstrates placement of a double-lumen tube DOPSCT_M_27 4,8 K Discusses complications of double lumen tubes and the intra-operativeCBDmanagementCT_M_28 6 K Discusses changes that occur during one lung ventilation and principles FCAIof managementCT_M_29 4,6 K Explains the changes that occur with pneumothorax and the principles FCAIof managementOutlines critical periods during thoracic procedures that impact onCT_M_30 3,8 K anaesthetic management including airway ligation and manipulation CBDof pulmonary vasculaturePOSTOPERATIVECT_M_31 3,6 K Describes routine and emergent post-operative management of the CBDcardiac surgical patient in the ICUCT_M_32 5,6 K Describes the principles and management of a patient for fast-trackCBDcardiac surgery CT_M_33 4,8 K Describes post-operative complications and management, includingFCAIhaemorrhage; tamponadeCT_M_34 4,8 K Describes common problems associated with the post-operative care ofFCAIpatients who have had thoracic surgery and methods to minimise themCT_M_35 4,8 K Discusses the management of chest drains and pleural drainage systems CBDin the post-operative periodDescribes post-operative analgesia for cardiothoracic surgeryCT_M_36 6 K Is aware of multimodal strategies for post-operative analgesia for CBDthoracic surgeryNON-CARDIAC/THORACIC SURGERYCT_M_37 4,8 K Describes the anaesthetic management of the post-transplant FCAI(lung/cardiac patient) for non-cardiac or thoracic surgeryDescribes the abnormalities in an adult patient with congenitalCT_M_38 5,6 K heart disease FCAIIncluding corrected, partially corrected, and uncorrectedDiscusses the implications for anaesthesia in these patients86 Curriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme'