b'Domain KSA Expected Standards AssessmentPATIENT SAFETY AND HEALTH SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT CONTINUEDCC_S_46 4 S Participates in a multi-disciplinary case conferenceMini-CEXCC_S_47 SALUS 1 K Critically appraises and applies guidelines, protocols and care bundlesFCAICC_S_48 6 K Describes commonly used scoring systems for assessment of severity ofMCAIillness, case mix and workload CC_S_49 5 K Discusses the managerial and administrative responsibilities of the ICMCBDspecialistPROFESSIONALISMCC_S_50 3 A Communicates effectively with patients and relativesDOPSCC_S_51 4 A Communicates effectively with members of the health care team DOPSCC_S_52 Maintains accurate and legible records/documentation including notes in SALUS 1 S electronic charts DOPSCC_S_53 3 A Involves patients (or their next of kin if applicable) in decisions about careDOPSand treatment CC_S_54 2 A Demonstrates respect of cultural and religious beliefs and an awareness ofDOPStheir impact on decision-making CC_S_55 2 A Discusses the privacy, dignity, confidentiality and legal constraints on theMCAIuse of patient data CC_S_56 4 A Collaborates and consults; promotes team-workingMini-CEXCC_S_57Ensures continuity of care through effective hand-over of clinicalSALUS 1 S informationMini-CEXCC_S_58Supports clinical staff outside the ICU to enable the delivery of effective SALUS 1 A careMini-CEXCC_S_59 4 K Appropriately supervises and delegates to others, the delivery of Mini-CEXpatient care CC_S_60 SALUS 1 S Takes responsibility for safe patient careMini-CEXCC_S_61 2 A Formulates clinical decisions with respect for ethical and legal principlesMini-CEXCC_S_62 6, 7 K Seeks learning opportunities and integrates new knowledge into clinicalMini-CEXpractice CC_S_63 4, 6 K Participates in multidisciplinary teachingDOPSCC_S_64 6 K Participates in research or audit Mini-CEXCurriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme 101'