b'Anaesthesia for Orthopaedic SurgeryDescription:By the completion of this unit, trainees will be able to provide anaesthesia for patients requiring orthopaedic procedures.Legend for Competency TableDomain KSA Expected Standards AssessmentOR_C_1 6 K Describes thecommon comorbidities encountered in patients having MCAIelective and emergency orthopaedic procedures and their implicationsOR_C_2Discusses the assessment and anaesthetic management of the elderlySALUS 1 K patient with a hip fracture MCAIOR_C_3 4 A Participates in multidisciplinary optimisation of the frail patient for Mini-CEXorthopaedic surgeryDiscusses the anaesthetic implications of and common comorbiditiesassociated with e.g. the following conditions:OsteoarthritisRheumatoid arthritisAnkylosing spondylitisMorbid obesityOR_C_4 6 K The frail patient MCAIDisorders of coagulationAnaemiaBone tumoursCerebral palsyNeuromuscular disordersDisorders of spine curvatureDiscusses the options available for perioperative pain management ofOR_C_5 6 K patients undergoing elective and/or emergency orthopaedic surgery, CBDincluding the use of analgesia adjunctsOR_C_6Discusses the advantages and disadvantages of regional anaesthesia and SALUS 1 K analgesia for orthopaedic surgery MCAIOR_C_7Discusses the use of thromboprophylaxis for orthopaedic patientsSALUS 1 K especially joint replacement FCAIOR_C_8Discusses the perioperative management of patients on therapeuticSALUS 1 K anticoagulation requiring anaesthesia for orthopaedic procedures, CBDincluding indications for bridging anticoagulation peri-operativelyOR_C_9Discusses the choice and timing of antibiotic prophylaxis for orthopaedic SALUS 1 K patients MCAIEvaluates methods to reduce intraoperative and postoperative bloodOR_C_10 1 K loss and minimises the need for blood transfusion during or following FCAIorthopaedic proceduresOR_C_11 1 K Discusses perioperative management of Jehovahs Witness patients FCAIpresenting for major orthopaedic proceduresOR_C_12 SALUS 1 K Discusses the safe use of limb tourniquets for orthopaedic procedures MCAIDiscusses the implications of positioning for orthopaedic surgery, including:OR_C_13 6 K Lateral positioning CBDProne positioningBeach chair positioningOutlines the common comorbidities associated with scoliosis and theOR_C_14 6 K anaesthetic management of patients having scoliosis correction surgery,FCAIincluding the need for, and implications of neurophysiological monitoringOR_C_15 6 K Describes the methods of spinal cord monitoring during spinal surgery FCAI54 Curriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme'