b'Anaesthesia for Ambulatory SurgeryAA_C_1Describes the requirements of a facility to meet the requirements for SALUS 1,5 K ambulatory surgery FCAIAA_C_3Displays knowledge of local and national guidelines for the provision of SALUS 1,7 K ambulatory surgical services FCAIOutlines requirements for the patients to ensure their suitability for day AA_C_5case procedures, with regard to SALUS 1,2 A Complexity of surgery CBDCo-morbiditiesSocial supportDescribes the protocols for selection of day surgeryAA_C_6MedicalSALUS 1,5 K Surgical CBDSocialAA_C_9Describes the principles of pre-operative assessment of patientsSALUS 1, 4 K presenting for ambulatory surgery MCAIUnderstands and describes the role of nurse-led assessmentAA_C_10Explains the role of appropriate pre-operative investigations for daySALUS 1,5 K surgery MCAIDiscusses appropriate choice of analgesia for ambulatory surgery includingAA_C_14NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)SALUS 1,8 S Local/Regional MCAIOpiatesAA_C_15Discusses anaesthetic management of the paediatric patient for day case SALUS 1,8 K surgery CBDAA_C_17Explains the potential causes of unanticipated in-patient admissionSALUS 1,5 K following day surgery MCAIAnaesthesia for Orthopaedic SurgeryOR_C_2Discusses the assessment and anaesthetic management of the elderly SALUS 1 K patient with a hip fracture MCAIOR_C_6Discusses the advantages and disadvantages of regional anaesthesia and SALUS 1 K analgesia for orthopaedic surgery MCAIOR_C_7Discusses the use of thromboprophylaxis for orthopaedic patientsSALUS 1 K especially joint replacement FCAIOR_C_8Discusses the perioperative management of patients on therapeuticSALUS 1 K anticoagulation requiring anaesthesia for orthopaedic procedures, CBDincluding indications for bridging anticoagulation peri-operativelyOR_C_9Discusses the choice and timing of antibiotic prophylaxis for orthopaedic SALUS 1 K patients MCAIOR_C_12 SALUS 1 K Discusses the safe use of limb tourniquets for orthopaedic procedures MCAIDiscusses the diagnosis and management of possible complications of orthopaedic surgery including:Bone cement implantation syndromeFat embolism syndromePulmonary embolismOR_C_16Compartment syndromeSALUS 1 K Major blood loss FCAIAnaphylaxisLocal anaesthetic toxicity, symptoms and management Neurological injuryTourniquet-induced ischaemia-reperfusion injuryChronic and persistent painOR_C_17Describes the principles of perioperative anaesthetic management of the SALUS 1 K patient for pelvic bone and joint surgery FCAI110 Curriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme'