b'Domain KSA Expected Standards AssessmentPROCEDURE CONTINUED.RP_M_19SALUS 1,5 S Documents the procedure and any complications DOPSPOST-PROCEDURERP_M_20 1,6 K Lists advantages and disadvantages of regional anaesthesia for post-MCAIoperative analgesiaRP_M_21 4,6 K Outlines when continuous infusions are required in the post-operativeFCAIperiodRP_M_22 Discusses the investigations and management of patients who haveSALUS 1,8 K developed complications as a result of regional anaesthesia, includingMCAInerve injuryRP_M_23 5,8 K Describes problems and solutions to obtaining adequate post-operativeCBDanalgesia in the ward or home when regional anaesthesia wears offRP_M_24SALUS 1,5 K Knows the criteria for safe discharge of a patient under regional blockade CBDRP_M_25 Understands the need to review patients following regional technique to SALUS 1,7 A ensure patient is aware of safety measures until the block has worn off CBDMinimum criteria for assessing completion of unit: Volume of PracticeLower Limb blocks25Upper limb blocks25Other (trunk/thorax) 10Total minimum VOP: 60Workplace Based AssessmentsRequired Workplace based assessment 3CBD:3Available WBAs DOPS:7Mini-CEX: 4Curriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme 73'