b'Regional Anaesthesia (ii) - Peripheral Nerve BlockadeDescription:After completing this unit, the trainee will demonstrate sufficient skill to deliver safe regional anaesthetic care. They will have sufficient knowledge and skills to perform regional anaesthesia as for both anaesthesia and analgesiaLegend for Competency TableDomain KSA Expected Standards AssessmentPRE-PROCEDURERP_M_1 Obtains consentSALUS 1,2 A Accepts the right of the patient to decline regional anaesthesia, even whenDOPSthere are clinical advantagesRP_M_2 4,8 S Conducts appropriate patient assessment and identifies risk factors andDOPSpreoperative medical interventionsRP_M_3 Demonstrates safety for the procedureSALUS 1,8 A Ensures the site of surgery is marked DOPSRP_M_4 Discusses advantages and disadvantages of peripheral regionalSALUS 1,8 K anaesthesiaFCAIRP_M_5 6,8 K Discusses indications and contra-indications- including relative and MCAIabsoluteRP_M_6 4,8 K Demonstrates list planning to allow time for the conduct of a block and Mini-CEXfor it to take effectRP_M_7 5,4 A Shows good communication skills towards the patients and staff duringMini-CEXthe use of regional blockadePROCEDUREDescribes the anatomy, including anatomical landmarks, relevant toperipheral nerve blockade. Describes indications and complications for each of the blocks. Performs select peripheral regional blocks listed under ultrasoundguidance.Major nerve blocksBrachial plexus: inter-scalene, supraclavicular, axillary approachLumbar plexus block: femoral, fascia iliaca approachesSciatic nerve block: sub gluteal, poplitealRP_M_8 6, 8 K Paravertebral block MCAIAbdominal wall block: QL (quadratus lumborum),TAP (transversus abdominis plane), rectus sheathMinor nerve blocksSuperficial cervical plexus blocksIntercostal nerve blocksInguinal nerve blocksPenile nerve blocksPeripheral blocks of the upper limb: wrist, digitalPeripheral blocks of the lower limb: ankleIVRA (intra-venous regional anaesthesia - Biers block)Curriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme 71'