b'Domain KSA Expected Standards AssessmentDISEASE MANAGEMENT CONTINUEDCC_S_12 8 S Discusses the recognition and management of the patient with life-MCAIthreatening maternal peripartum complicationsTHERAPEUTIC INTERVENTIONS/ORGAN SYSTEM SUPPORT IN SINGLE OR MULTIPLE ORGAN FAILURECC_S_13 SALUS 1 S Prescribes drugs and therapies safelyDOPSCC_S_14Outlines the principles of antimicrobial therapy, including antimicrobial SALUS 1 S stewardshipMCAICC_S_15 1 S Describes procedure for the safe administration of blood and blood MCAIproducts CC_S_16 8 S Uses fluids and vasoactive drugs to support the circulationDOPSCC_S_17 6 K Describes the use of mechanical assist devices to support the circulationMCAICC_S_18 8 S Initiates, manages and weans patients from invasive and non-invasiveMini-CEXventilatory support CC_S_19 8 S Outlines the initiation, management and weaning ofpatients from renalCBDreplacement therapy CC_S_20 8 S Outlines the recognition and management of electrolyte, glucose andMCAIacid-base disturbances CC_S_21 4 S Explains the role of nutritional assessment and support MCAISAFE USE OF PRACTICAL PROCEDURESCC_S_22 8 S Airway:DOPSadministers oxygen using a variety of administration devices CC_S_23 8 K Describes difficult and failed airway management according to local CBDprotocolsPerforms fibreoptic bronchoscopy and bronchoalveloar lavage (BAL)CC_S_24 8 S in the intubated patientDOPSPerforms percutaneous tracheostomyPerforms thoracocentesis via a chest drainVascular Access:Performs arterial catheterisationCC_S_25 8 S Describes a method for surgical isolation of a vein/arteryDOPSPerforms ultrasound for vascular localisation Performs central venous catheterisationCirculatory System: Describes indications for defibrillation and cardioversion CC_S_26 8 S Describes cardiac pacing (transvenous, transthoracic or epicardial)FCAIDescribes how to perform pericardioentesis Describes a method for measuring cardiac output and for derivinghaemodynamic variablesCC_S_27 8 S Neurological System:DOPSPerforms lumbar puncture Gastrointestinal SystemOutlines indications for abdominal paracentesis CC_S_28 8 S Describes placement and management of Sengstaken - Blakemore tubeCBD(or equivalent) Describes indications for, and safe conduct of gastroscopyCurriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme 99'