b'Trauma ManagementDescription:The trainee will be able to participate as a key multi-disciplinary team member in the initial resuscitation and management of trauma patients with life threatening medical and surgical conditions. Legend for Competency TableDomain KSA Expected Standards AssessmentGENERAL PRINCIPLESTR_C_1 5 K Explains the hospital triage system of trauma patients and scoring FCAIsystems usedTR_C_2 5 K Outlines local disaster management protocols CBDTR_C_3 SALUS 1 K Outlines infection control techniques in the trauma environment CBDTR_C_4 6 K Explains the principles of the primary and secondary survey in traumaMCAIpatientsTR_C_5 6 K Describes the pathophysiological changes that occur in the trauma patient MCAITR_C_6 6 K Discusses the effects of age, BMI, co-morbidities on the presentation andFCAImanagement of the multi-trauma patientPRIMARY SURVEYDescribes indications for definitive airway management in the trauma patient, including TR_C_7 8 K,S special skills for inline stabilisation MCAIthe need for advanced airway techniquesthe need for emergency front of neck access techniquesKnows the principles of spinal precautions, including the indications,TR_C_8 1 S sizing and application of spinal collars DOPSDemonstrates the conduct of a log roll in the patient with spinalprecautionsDiscusses the differential diagnosis of hypoxia in the trauma patientTR_C_9 6 K,S Outlines changes in blood gas analysis in the shocked patient FCAIIdentifies indicators of tissue oxygenationbase deficit, lactate, oxygen saturation etc.TR_C_10 8 K Discusses options for intravenous access in the trauma patient MCAIIncluding intraosseous, central venous techniques TR_C_11 6 K Discusses the differential diagnosis of shock FCAIDiagnose and manage cardiac tamponadeDescribes methods to manage hypotension and shock including MCAITR_C_12 8 K,S Fluid resuscitationInotropes, vasopressorsTR_C_13 4,8 K Discusses the diagnosis and management of cardiac tamponade FCAITR_C_14 8 K Explains the management of massive blood loss including rapid infusionFCAIdevicesDiscusses the initial assessment and management of the neurological injury, including but not limited to TR_C_15 8,4 K,S Acute traumatic brain injury FCAIUnstable spinal injuryClearing the c-spineNeurogenic shock56 Curriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme'