b'Curriculum DiagramMedical Council Eight Domains of Good Professional PracticeSAT 1 SAT 2 MCAI* SAT 3 SAT 4 SAT 5 FCAI* SAT 6IAC*Annual Annual Annual Annual Annual ExitReview Review Review Review Review InterviewCLINICAL DomainsCore Competency Units : can be completed throughout the 6 year training programme:Peri-operative Management; Airway Management; GA ASA I-II; Regional Anaesthesia (i);Anaesthesia for Ambulatory Surgery; Anaesthesia for Orthopaedic Surgery; Trauma Management; Transfer of the Critically Unwell PatientModular Units : dedicated one-month assignment to a specific sub- specialty area of interest withinAnaesthesiology.The modular units are listed below:Anaesthesia for General, Urological and Gynaecological Surgery; Anaesthesia for Plastic andReconstructive Surgery; Anaesthesia Outside of the Operating Theatre; Regional Anaesthesia (ii);Anaesthesia for Ophthalmic Surgery; Anaesthesia for Otolaryngology; Anaesthesia forVascular Surgery; Anaesthesia for Neurosurgery and Neuroradiology; Anaesthesia for Cardiacand Thoracic SurgeryExit Interview CSCST*Speciality Modular Units : a longer dedicated period in a subspecialty or dual specialty area.This concerns four distinct disciplines:Anaesthesia and Analgesia for Obstetric Care (6 months [or min 3 months in approved non specialty hospital] with 6 months on-call commitment);Anaesthesia for Paediatric Surgery (6 month module); Intensive Care Medicine (3x2 month modules); Pain Medicine (2 month module)Out of Hours Rostering : (See Experience for full on call description)SAT 1-2 12-24 months Theatre on callSAT 2-5 18-36 months Intensive Care on call (ICM)(Requires one ICM module prior to commencing call and an ICM module each year of call)SAT 5-6 12-18 months Senior on call (In a model 4 hospital, or an approved Model 4 Specialty hospital with 2 tiers of call)Courses : (See Appendix 6: Courses for full course titles)Mandatory Training Courses Introduction to Anaesthesiology; Professional Competence Development; Vascular Access Workshop;Professionalism in Practice Module; Difficult Airways Management WorkshopSimulation CoursesSAT 1-2: Anaesthesiology Emergencies/ARREST/COAST/SICC/PAESAT 3-6: CDMP/MASCOT-1/Managing Adverse Events/MASCOT-2/A-CrisisRecommended CoursesAnaesthesiology Bootcamp/ISRA/BASIC/MICAS/Echo Courses*IAC: Initial Assessment of Competence; MCAI: Membership of the College of Anaesthesiologists of Ireland; FCAI: Fellowship of theCollege of Anaesthesiologists of Ireland; CSCST: Certificate of Satisfactory Completion of Specialist TrainingCurriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme 5'