b'The College reserves the right to decline to award a(SAT 5/6) programmes;CSCST in circumstances where any of the requirementsFailure to demonstrate appropriate levels of leadership, set out in detail in the above section Award of Certificateprofessional and / or teamwork, as required in the of Satisfactory Completion of Specialist Training (CSCST)Minimum Expected Standards of Good Professional are not complied with by the trainee. To summarise, thePractice:circumstances under which a CSCST will not be awardedFailure to complete the Training Diary to the standard are outlined below: required;Experience Failure to satisfactorily maintain a record of workplace based feedback reports / tools.Failure to complete any of the requirements under the Experience section of the Award of Certificate ofProgression Through TrainingSatisfactory Completion of Specialist Training above, including but not limited to: OverviewFailure to satisfactorily complete one or more rotationsUltimate progression of trainees is determined by the as allocated; Progression Committee.Assessment of trainees takes Failure to maintain the log book as required and / ortwo forms:failure to meet minimum volume requirements; in the hospital with the College tutor during each Failure to complete one or more core competencysix-month rotation which is the conduit for the collective units, one or more modular units and / or one or moreview of the department; andspecialty modular units as outlined in the Structure ofby means of a Progression Review, held annually and the Curriculum; conducted by the Training Department.Failure to satisfactorily complete the full range of on-call requirements as stipulated under Experience above. Assessments carried out in the hospital are considered to be formative, whereas the Progression Reviews held by Knowledge the College are considered summative, i.e. they must be Failure to complete any of the requirements undercompleted successfully for a trainee to progress.the Knowledge section of the Award of Certificate of Satisfactory Completion of Specialist Training above,The Assessment Processincluding but not limited to: The assessment process is summarised below:Failure to pass either MCAI and FCAI examinations within proscribed timelines;Failure to satisfactorily complete all allocated MandatorySAT 1 SAT 2 SAT 3 SAT 4 SAT 5 SAT 6 CSCSTTraining and Simulation Courses unless exceptions have been approved by the Progression Committee.IAC 2 x ITA 2 x ITA 2 x ITA 2 x ITA 2 x ITACompetency ExitFailure to complete any of the requirements under the2 x ITA MCAI APR APR APR InterviewCompetency section of the Award of Certificate of Satisfactory Completion of Specialist Training above,APR APR FCAIincluding but not limited to:Failure to satisfactorily complete the prescribed number*IAC: Initial Assessment of Competence; ITA: In-training assessment, of workplace based feedback reports; including unit sign off; APR: Annual Progression Review, including review Failure to achieve the expected standard within eachof logbook, training diary, reflection; MCAI/FCAI: College examinations.clinical unit, as stipulated in the Structure of theInitial Assessment of Competence (IAC)Curriculum.This Assessment is normally performed within three Professionalism months of commencement of training. The Assessment Failure to complete any of the requirements under thereflects the skills which should normally be acquired Professionalism section of the Award of Certificate ofby this stage and which are needed before undertaking Satisfactory Completion of Specialist Training above,the extra responsibility of on-call duties. Details of this including but not limited to: Assessment are outlined in the Initial Assessment of Failure to complete either or both of the twoCompetence (IAC), accessed in Appendix 2: Summary of Professionalism coursesProfessional CompetenceMinimum Criteria for Competence. It is a requirement to Development (SAT 1) and Professionalism in Practicepass this test to progress to Theatre on-call.20 Curriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme'