b'Pain MedicineDescription:By the completion of the Pain Medicine unit, the trainee will be able to manage patients with acute pain and be able to participate as a multidisciplinary team member in the management of patients with chronic pain. Some simple procedures may be performed under supervision. Legend for Competency TableDomain KSA Pain Medicine AssessmentPM_S_1 6 K Describes the anatomy of the pain pathways MCAIOutlines definition of acute and chronic pain PM_S_2 6 K Describes the association between acute and chronic pain and the risk ofMCAIprogression from acute to chronic painDescribes the methods of assessment of acute pain including scales, including in the following patient groups:PM_S_3 6 K Children MCAIElderlyCognitively impairedCritically ill patientPM_S_4 3,6 S Formulates a management plan for acute pain, acute pain in chronic painMini-CEXpatients and consultations on the wardPM_S_5 2,3,8 S Participates in acute pain management ward round and learns to conductMini-CEXa multidisciplinary round PM_S_6 6 K Lists the predictive factors for chronic postsurgical pain and outlinesMCAImeasures to prevent or minimise its occurrencePM_S_7 6 K Describes the common types of chronic pain including: MCAInociceptive, neuropathic and visceral painPM_S_8 2,3,8 S Takes history and performs focused physical examination of the patientDOPSwith chronic pain and formulates a diagnostic and therapeutic planDiscusses the pharmacology of drugs used in pain management including:ParacetamolNSAIDsOpioidsPM_S_9 6 K Tramadol MCAILocal anaestheticsNMDA (N-methyl-D-aspartate ) antagonistsAnticonvulsantsAntidepressantsCorticosteroidsDescribes the pharmacology of opioids, including:Mechanisms of actionRoutes of administration and its clinical implicationsPM_S_10 6 K Dose conversion between commonly used opioids MCAIAdverse effectsPotential adverse drug interactionsOpioid tolerance and dependenceAppropriate prescribingPM_S_11Describes potential personal and societal issues around long term opioid SALUS 6 K prescriptions in chronic pain CBDPM_S_12 2,6 K Outlines management strategies for opioid tolerant patients with acuteCBDpainCurriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme 103'