b'Domain KSA Expected Standards AssessmentREGARDING SEDATION CONTINUED.Is able to provide propofol TCI (targeted controlled infusion) for sedation AO_M_23 8 S utilising standard appropriate monitoring e.g. O2 Saturation, Blood DOPSPressure, ECG, ETCO2 (end tidal carbon dioxide)Explains the need for robust recovery and discharge criteria whenAO_M_24 6 K conscious sedation is used for outpatient procedures and the importanceFCAIof ensuring appropriate escort arrangements are in place [cross ref day surgery]AO_M_25 8 S Selects and performs a technique for sedation for simple procedures DOPSTOTAL INTRAVENOUS ANAESTHESIAOutlines the principles of TIVA, including but not limited to Anaesthetic agents suitable for TIVAAO_M_26 6 K Pharmacodynamic models for TIVA FCAIMinimum safe equipment for providing TIVADepth of Anaesthesia monitoring e.g. BIS/EEG (bi-spectral index /electro encephalogram)AO_M_27 8 S Discusses guidelines available for TIVA CBDDiscuss the risks (including awareness) and benefits of TIVADemonstrates safe and appropriate use of Total Intravenous AnaesthesiaAO_M_28 8 K Manages the clinical environment, and demonstrates appropriate Mini-CEXinteraction with nursing and surgical colleaguesKeeps accurate and legible notesMinimum criteria for assessing completion of unit: Volume of PracticeECT 2Cardioversion 2Sedation6Total minimum VOP: 10Workplace Based AssessmentsRequired Workplace based assessment 1CBD:8Available WBAs DOPS:3Mini-CEX: 370 Curriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme'