b'Funded Medical Doctorate (MD)Where more expressions than available posts are Programme received, a competitive interview process will be held, A trainee may have sourced funding for an MDmanaged by the Training Department and involving the Programme. The College has no involvement in arrangingrelevant hospital and or Faculty;these programmes but will consider applications for leaveSupervision and assessment will be carried out by the from the programme where a structured programme isTraining Department, the Faculties and the Hospitals;organised through a recognised university in Ireland,On successful completion of the year the trainee and once funding has been secured. Clinical time is notwill be awarded a CAI Post SATCSCST Fellowship expected to be part of an MD Programme and accordinglyconfirming one years additional training in the relevant no accreditation will be given for any clinical time spentsub-specialty.In the case of the Dual Specialties, on an MD Programme. Leave for an MD programme willthe trainee will be awarded a CAI Post SATCSCST be for no more than two years.Fellowship confirming one years additional training in Pain Management or Intensive Care Medicine.A trainee may apply to the College for leave to complete an appropriate programme using the Application forLess than Full Time Training Leave from Training Scheme form, available on theNational Flexible Training Scheme for website. Decision to grant leave will be at the discretion ofTraineesthe Training Committee taking into account the trainees stage of training and the total number of trainees onThe College supports the concept of less than full time all forms of leave at that time, in view of the Collegestraining.Trainees from SAT year 2 on can apply under overarching responsibility with regard to patient safetythe HSE National Flexible Training Scheme for Trainees and resource demands. which is managed and funded by the HSE National Doctors Training and Planning (HSE NDTP). The scheme CAI Post SAT - CSCST Fellowship provides for a limited number of supernumerary places An option to complete the final year of training in ato facilitate doctors to continue their training in a flexible sub-specialty Special Interest Year (SIY) has been amanner for a set period of time, currently for a maximum part of the programme. The SIY posts were offered byof two years.hospitals that had been approved for these posts. TheseApplications are submitted directly to the HSE NDTP. On posts will be discontinued after July 2020 and replaced bynotification to the College of a successful application, the CAI Post SATCSCST Fellowship posts from July 2021.College will accommodate the trainee by allocating them Trainees will have the option to apply to complete anto the nominated hospital. The impact for the trainee is additional year 7 of training in a sub-specialty fellowship.outlined below:The posts will be available through competitive interviewThe posts should be structured so that flexible trainees to trainees who have completed the SAT programme.benefit from all the essential elements in training i.e. These fellowship posts will be available in a variety ofworking during normal hours, working outside normal sub-specialty areas of interest which currently includehours (on-call), attendance at tutorials and meetings, Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia, Intensive Care Medicine,study leave etc.;Obstetric Anaesthesia, Onco Anaesthesia, PaediatricRecognition of training time will be in proportion to the Anaesthesia, Paediatric Intensive Care Medicine, Painhours worked e.g. 12 months working 50% of normal Medicine and Regional Anaesthesia. The posts willhours in a post will be recognised as equivalent to 6 be limited to 15 CSCST appointments per year. Themonths full-time training.fellowship allocations may change from year to year based on both hospital and fellowship demand.Flexible training Initiatives The appointment process will be managed by the College.Flexible training initiatives involving parental leave will be To be eligible, a trainee must have completed the six yearfacilitated where feasible and approved by the NDTP.SAT Programme and have been confirmed as suitable for award of CSCST by the Directors of Training. The processTrainee Leadership Rolesis outlined below:The Training Department will write to eligible traineesTrainee Rotasduring their SAT 6 year and invite expressions of interest; The CAI recommends that trainees on the CAI training Appointments will be made by the Directors of Trainingprogramme work a maximum of a 1 in 6 on-call rota. on behalf of the Training and Education Committee ofTrainees have the opportunity to highlight breaches of the College; this recommendation through Progression Reviews and 28 Curriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme'