b'Anaesthesia and Analgesia for Obstetric CareOB_S_12 SALUS 1,6 K Describes clinical methods to assess for foetal health in utero MCAIOB_S_15Outlines potential effects on the foetus of drugs administered during SALUS 1,6 K pregnancy MCAIOB_S_16Outlines the effects on the neonate of drugs administered in association SALUS 1,6 K with breast feeding MCAIOB_S_17Identifies risk factors and required pre-operative interventions toSALUS 1,6 K optimise clinical conditionCBDOB_S_22Outlines the principles of regional analgesia for labourSALUS 1,2,8 S Describes management of complications of regional analgesia, including:CBDspinal tap, hypotension, hypertension, total spinalOB_S_29Describes how anaesthetic techniques must be modified to the pregnant SALUS 1,6 K patient MCAIOB_S_32Explains thromboprophylaxis requirements in pregnancy, with reference to SALUS 1,6 K local guidelines MCAIOB_S_33 SALUS 1,8 S Safely positions the pregnant patient to minimise injury and complications DOPSOB_S_45 SALUS 1 K Discusses basic and advanced life support in the pregnant patient MCAIDiscusses resuscitation of the pregnant patient OB_S_46Positioning patient to avoid aorto-caval compressionSALUS 1,8 K Altered maternal physiological responses MCAIMaternal resuscitation as the first priorityPeri-mortem caesarean sectionOB_S_50 SALUS 1,6 K Discusses common causes of maternal morbidity and mortality FCAIOB_S_51 SALUS 1,6 K Demonstrates knowledge of national reports FCAI116 Curriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme'