b'Domain KSA Expected Standards AssessmentPROCEDURE CONTINUED.Performs select peripheral regional blocks listed under ultrasound guidance.Major nerve blocksBrachial plexus: inter-scalene, supraclavicular, axillary approachLumbar plexus block: femoral, fascia iliaca approachesSciatic nerve block: sub gluteal, poplitealParavertebral blockAbdominal wall block: QL (quadratus lumborum),RP_M_9 8 K TAP (transversus abdominis plane), rectus sheath DOPSMinor nerve blocksSuperficial cervical plexus blocksIntercostal nerve blocksInguinal nerve blocksPenile nerve blocksPeripheral blocks of the upper limb: wrist, digitalPeripheral blocks of the lower limb: ankleIVRA (intra-venous regional anaesthesia - Biers block)Discusses the pharmacology of local anaesthetic agents including RP_M_10 6 K Mechanism of action MCAIToxicityUse of adjuvantsRP_M_11 2,8 K Describes the selection and performance of regional techniques, as FCAIinfluenced by patient factor, co-morbidities and surgical procedureShows the ability to correctly manage the theatre environment with an awake or sedated patientUnderstands methods of sedation used in conjunction with regionalanaesthesiaRP_M_12 4,8 S Shows consideration for the views of patients, surgeons and theatre teamMini-CEXwith regard to surgery under regional blockade Demonstrates methods of sedation in conjunction with regionalanaesthesiaManages patients with combined general and regional anaesthesiaDemonstrates safety during the blockade, including:Confirming the markings for site of surgery Attaching appropriate monitoring Establishing IV (intra-venous) access prior to procedurePositioning of the patientRP_M_13 Identifying the anatomical landmarksSALUS 1,7 S Using aseptic technique Mini-CEXSelecting appropriate needleSelecting, checking, drawing up, diluting and labelling of drugs for injectionChecking for inadvertent intravenous and intraneural administrationwith ultrasoundRP_M_14 6 K Recalls basic relevant physics and clinical application of ultrasound toMCAIregional anaesthesiaRP_M_15 8 S Uses ultrasound to image the anatomy and facilitate block performance DOPSRP_M_16 6 K Describes the use of a nerve stimulator to identify appropriate needleMCAIlocationRP_M_17 2,8 S Assesses the adequacy of a regional technique and outlines managementDOPSof incomplete or failed regional blockade and rescue techniquesRP_M_18 6,8 K Describes the management of local anaesthetic toxicity MCAI72 Curriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme'