b'Entry to SAT Programme peripheral, general and specialised. Therefore, it is required Recruitment to the Anaesthesiology Training Programmethat all trainees will rotate to hospitals outside the major is through the CAI centralised appointment process. Thecentres of Dublin, Cork or Galway. All trainees should training year runs from July each year.Applications areideally rotate across two geographical regions and must invited through advertisement on the College website,spend at least 12 months in a Dublin hospital, 12 months usually in November for appointment the following Januaryoutside the Eastern Region and at least 6 months in a / February and commencement on the programme in July. Model 3 hospital. For current regions, please see website SAT Hospitals by Region.Application Criteria Ideally trainees should rotate as allocated. However, Applicants must have a medical degree; recognising various demands, it is acknowledged that Applicants must have completed or be currently in theirtrainees may seek to change their allocation.To change intern year; an allocated rotation, a trainee must arrange a swap in Applicants must meet the criteria for inclusion on theadherence with the guidelines below: Trainee Specialist Division of the Medical Council Register; Trainees can only swap with trainees in the same year Applications must be submitted via the Colleges onlineof training; application process; The College needs notice of a potential swap at least 6 No retrospection will be allowed for Anaesthesiologymonths in advance of the start date, so by 30th June for experience gained prior to entry to the Programme, i.e.a January swap and by 31st December for a July swap;the full minimum six years training must be completedAll swaps have to be notified in writing to the Training for all applicants appointed. Manager with the reason for the request clearly outlined and approved at the subsequent Training Recruitment Process Committee meeting;Entry to the Programme is by competition includingNeither party can create a situation where a key interview; component of the rotation is compromised e.g. missing Successful applicants will receive a formal notice ofa module necessary for CSCST or experience in a appointment and will be required to sign (by electronicModel 3 hospital (minimum 6 months) or to avoid means) a Training Agreement before commencing onthe general rule that all trainees need to experience the Programme.The Training Agreement sets out theAnaesthesiology training in at least two geographical conditions applicable to the trainees participation onregions in a national 6-year training scheme;the programme but is not a contract of employment; Requests to change an allocation without being replaced Successful applicants may not defer their place on thein the allocated hospital cannot be accommodated.Programme to the following year; The trainee will be contacted by the Medical Manpower At the time of offer, trainees will be advised of theDepartment of each hospital before the commencement planned rotations for the first two years of training. of a 6/12 rotation to arrange the contractual aspects Appointment of Trainees of their employment. The College has no function in On appointment, trainees will be allocated to a trainingcontractual matters or salary issues between trainees and hospital and will be provided initially with rotations fortheir employers. For each rotation the trainee will receive the first two years of training. In addition, the trainee willa contract of employment from the training hospital be allocated by the Anaesthesiology Department withinsetting out the terms and conditions of the trainees the hospital to a College tutor. Trainees will be scheduledemployment for that period. The training hospital, as to attend an Induction Day at the College prior to theemployer, and not the College, will be responsible for Programme start date, attendance will be mandatorythe remuneration of the trainee and all management and monitored by the Training Department. Informationissues to include payroll, reporting lines, organisation of regarding the allocation of rotations and tutors is providedworking time, allocation of tasks, annual leave, workplace below.grievances and disciplinary issues. Employment at a training site is subject to the local recruitment and Hospital Rotations other employment policies. No contract of employment Rotations, which are on a 6 monthly basis, are designed towill exist, at any time, between the College and the enable achievement of all competencies over the six yearstrainee. Workplace grievances relating to conditions of of the Programme. Rotations are allocated by the Directorsemployment must be addressed with their employer. Office under the aegis of the Training Committee. The sixTrainees should familiarise themselves with the medical years of rotations are designed to ensure each traineeand well-being supports available at a local level and gains experience in different hospital settings, e.g. central,within the broader hospital environment.Curriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme 17'