b'Anaesthesia for Ambulatory SurgeryDescription:After completing this unit, the trainee will demonstrate sufficient skill to deliver safe perioperative anaesthetic care to ASA I-III patients presenting for ambulatory surgery. They will have knowledge of the organisational aspects of ensuring a day service unit runs efficiently. Legend for Competency TableDomain KSA Expected Standards AssessmentDESCRIBE THE ORGANISATIONAL ASPECTS OF AMBULATORY SURGERYAA_C_1Describes the requirements of a facility to meet the requirements for SALUS 1,5 K ambulatory surgery FCAIAA_C_2 4,5 K Describes the staffing requirements for ambulatory surgery FCAIAA_C_3Displays knowledge of local and national guidelines for the provision of SALUS 1,7 K ambulatory surgical services FCAIAA_C_4 1 K Discusses advances and controversies in anaesthesia for ambulatoryFCAIsurgeryPRE-OPERATIVEOutlines requirements for the patients to ensure their suitability for day AA_C_5case procedures, with regard to SALUS 1,2 A Complexity of surgery CBDCo-morbiditiesSocial supportDescribes the protocols for selection of day surgeryAA_C_6MedicalSALUS 1,5 K Surgical CBDSocial AA_C_7 3,7 A Ensures a professional and courteous manner when interacting with Mini-CEXpatients, nursing staff and surgical and medical colleaguesAA_C_8 2,3 A Cultivates a professional and reassuring manner to allay patient anxiety Mini-CEXAA_C_9Describes the principles of pre-operative assessment of patientsSALUS 1, 4 K presenting for ambulatory surgery MCAIUnderstands and describes the role of nurse-led assessmentAA_C_10Explains the role of appropriate pre-operative investigations for daySALUS 1,5 K surgery MCAIANAESTHESIAAA_C_11 6 K Describes the pharmacology and selection of appropriate drugs for MCAIambulatory anaesthesiaDemonstrates the appropriate clinical skills and management skills of a general anaesthesiologist in the specific area of AA_C_12 7,8 S general anaesthesia for day case surgery DOPSTIVA (total intravenous anaesthesia)Conscious sedationMask ventilation52 Curriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme'