b'Knowledge ProfessionalismSuccessful completion of MCAI by end of SAT 2; Completion of both the Professional Competence Successful completion of FCAI by end of SAT 5; Development (SAT 1) and Professionalism in Practice Completion of all Mandatory Training and Simulation(SAT 5/6) programmes;Courses as stipulated by the College, see Appendix 6:Evidence of Leadership and Teamworksenior on call Courses. Any exceptions must be approved by theexperience, management of a rota, teaching and / or Progression Committee. management of a teaching programme, completion of Competency audits, presentation of research, audit or case series at hospital or College event;The trainee demonstrates satisfactory standardsContribution to the broader anaesthetic community, of competence in all elements of observablee.g. role of Lead Anaesthesiology Trainee (LAT), and measurable knowledge, skills, abilities andmembership of the Committee of Anaesthesiology professionalism which contribute to the safe and efficientTrainees (CAT) or other professional bodies, use of delivery of anaesthesia (including Core Competencynon-clinical time and special projects, e.g. in College, Units, Modular Units and Specialty Modular Units) and: volunteers for Careers / Open Days; -The trainee demonstrates the ability for independentCompletion of the training diary (see Appendix 1.3: clinical practice with clinical judgement to safely planTraining Diary ) to demonstrate: and deliver care with a range of techniques; -attendance at educational events organised by -The trainee performs at the expected standard forCollege, Hospitals, Faculties and Societies;each of the clinical units; -completion of one quality improvement project, -The trainee demonstrates excellence in all domainswhich may be an audit. Clinical Audit can be of Good Professional Practice. defined as the systematic review and evaluation of Full details of the skills and competencies, together withcurrent practice with reference to research based assessment and sign off requirements are outlined instandards to improve patient care. The setting of Section Three: Core Competency Units, Section Four:standards, measurement of practice compared to Modular Units and Section Five: Specialty Modular Units.gold standard, identification of deficiencies and Some competencies need to be completed during SAT 1addressing deficiencies (closing the loop) is an and 2, some during SAT 3 to 6 and some can be completedaccepted model of clinical audit as defined by the throughout the six years. A summary of the competenciesMedical Council;is outlined under Structure of the Curriculum Maintenance of log book as outlined under Experience above;A trainee is required to engage with their supervisingCompletion of the e-Portfolio reflecting the Minimum consultant to develop their competencies, skills,Expected Standards of Good Professional Practice;dexterity and professionalism in clinical practice.Evidence of engagement with the prescribed numberThis is documented using workplace based feedbackof workplace based assessments as outlined in reports / tools namely DOPS, Mini-CEX and Case BasedAppendix 3: Workplace Based Assessments. Discussion. These documents should be recorded in the trainees e-Portfolio . The numbers required for eachReview of a trainees progress under the four headings competency are outlined in Part B Clinical Components.above - Experience, Knowledge, Competency and Professionalism will be carried out at annual Progression Progress towards achieving these competencies will beReviews and at a final exit interview and in order to monitored by the tutor on behalf of the Anaesthesiologybe awarded a CSCST, a trainee must meet all the Department on an ongoing basis. Achievement ofrequirements under these four headings and complete the competencies can be finalised at the In-Trainingsatisfactory progression and exit reviews.Assessment (ITA) by the Anaesthesiology Department and confirmation will be by means of the Progression and Exit Interviews undertaken by the College.Hospitals where CompetenciesKnowledge Competencycan be completedAccreditation for specific competencies is determined by the Hospital Accreditation Process. A table outliningExperience CSCST Professionalismcurrent accreditation for each training hospital is outlined at Appendix 4: Hospital Accreditation by CompetencyCurriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme 19'