b'Domain KSA Expected Standards AssessmentINTRA-OPERATIVE CONTINUED.OP_M_14 5 K Discusses the national guidelines regarding local anaesthesia for FCAIintra-ocular surgeryOP_M_15 6 K Recalls the relevant anatomy for local anaesthetic block FCAIDescribes the technique of local anaesthesia for ophthalmic surgery, including indications, advantages and disadvantages.OP_M_16 8 K Topical CBDSuperficial injection: subconjunctivalextraconal, intraconal, sub-tenonsOP_M_17 8 S Performs local anaesthesia for ophthalmic surgery DOPSOP_M_18SALUS 1 K Describes the risks associated with needle block FCAIOP_M_19 8 S Discusses methods to decrease intra-ocular pressure rise after local CBDanaesthesiaOP_M_20 Describes precautions and safety procedures for laser therapy during SALUS 1 K ophthalmic surgery FCAIPOST-OPERATIVEOP_M_21 2,8 K Outlines specific factors in the post-operative period for patients who FCAIhave had ophthalmic surgeryOP_M_22 Understands and describes the need to review patients followingSALUS 1 A regional technique to ensure block has worn off and there are no CBDresidual complicationsMinimum criteria for assessing completion of unit: Volume of PracticeRegional Anaesthetics 5General Anaesthetics 5Total minimum VOP: 10Workplace Based AssessmentsRequired Workplace based assessment 1CBD:7Available WBAs DOPS:2Mini-CEX: -Curriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme 75'