b'Appendix 6: CoursesMandatory CoursesCourse Medical DescriptionCouncilDomainIntroduction to 1; 6; 8 One-day course for doctors commencing the training programme, Anaesthesiologyoutlining the knowledge, skills and behaviours required for thepractice of basic anaesthesia. This course usually takes place in June prior to the commencement of the SAT programme.SAT 1 Professional 2; 3; 4; 5; 7 One-day programme which trainees attend during SAT 1.Competence DevelopmentTopics include:Programme understanding personal professionalism and the importance of competenceunderstanding learning styles and team dynamicshow to manage conflictdeveloping communication and presentation skillsVascular Access Workshop 6 A workshop providing vascular access beyond peripheral venous cannulation. The course helps to develop skills in ultrasound and alternative access methods.Trainees usually attend this workshop during SAT 1/2.Professionalism in Practice2; 4; 5; 7 The Professionalism Module consists of five course days and Module includes a theoretical basis of healthcare professionalism. Topics include:awareness of moral and legal theoriesawareness of ethics in healthcare including beginning of life and end of life decisions in critically ill and dying patientsTrainees attend this module during SAT 5/6.Difficult Airways Management 1; 8 One-day workshop covering advanced approaches to securing the Workshop airway in emergency and elective scenarios. Trainees attend this module between SAT 4 - 6.144 Curriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme'