b'Domain KSA Expected Standards AssessmentLSCS (LOWER SEGMENT CAESAREAN SECTION) CONTINUEDOB_S_39 8 S Converts epidural analgesia for labour to anaesthesia for LSCS DOPSDescribes the management of complications of neuraxial blockadeOB_S_40 6,8 S including hypotension, nausea and vomiting, bradycardia, pruritis, CBDtotal spinal OB_S_41 3,8 S Provides anaesthesia for postpartum complicationsDOPSDescribes and manages specific obstetric conditionsHypertensive disorders of pregnancy pre-eclampsia, HELLP (haemolysis, elevated liver enzyme and low platelet count), eclampsiaPeripartum cardiomyopathyGestational diabetesOB_S_42 6 K Fatty liver in pregnancy FCAIExplains the classification of placenta praevia and the associated risk to the patientRhesus iso-immunisationPremature deliveryMultiple pregnancy Inverted uterusANAESTHETIC MANAGEMENT OF THE OBSTETRIC PATIENT WITHSEVERE CO-EXISTING DISEASE OB_S_43 6 K Describes the influence of common concurrent medical disease on pregnancy FCAIOB_S_44 6 K Outlines the management of the obstetric patient with morbid obesity,FCAIcardiac disease, substance abuse, psychiatric conditionsEARLY MANAGEMENT/STABILISATION OF THE CRITICALLY ILLPREGNANT PATIENTOB_S_45 SALUS 1 K Discusses basic and advanced life support in the pregnant patient MCAIDiscusses resuscitation of the pregnant patient OB_S_46Positioning patient to avoid aorto-caval compressionSALUS 1,8 K Altered maternal physiological responses MCAIMaternal resuscitation as the first priorityPeri-mortem caesarean sectionOB_S_47 6,8 K Discusses intra-uterine resuscitation of the at-risk foetus CBDOutlines the Recognition and management of maternal collapse includingEmbolism: thromboembolic, air, amnioticOB_S_48 8 S Anaphylaxis, local anaesthetic toxicity FCAIMassive haemorrhageLists risk factors and describe management of major obstetrichaemorrhageOB_S_49 6,8 S Discusses the recognition and management of sepsis in the obstetric patient FCAIMATERNAL MORBIDITY AND MORTALITYOB_S_50 SALUS 1,6 K Discusses common causes of maternal morbidity and mortality FCAIOB_S_51 SALUS 1,6 K Demonstrates knowledge of national reports FCAIOB_S_52 2,3 A Discusses the sensitivity of patient choices in obstetric practice FCAI92 Curriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme'