b'Section One: The Eight Domains of GoodProfessional PracticeThe Medical Council has outlined 8 key areas or domains that constitute good professional practice in medical care within Ireland. These domains delineate a framework of competence that permeates the entire continuum of professional development from formal medical education to the maintenance of professional competence. Relating to patientsCommunication Clinical Skills & Interpersonal SkillsPatient Safety & Quality Professionalism of PatientCollaboration & Care TeamworkManagement Scholarship (including self- management)Eight Domains of Good Professional Practice (Medical Council)Good professional practice encompasses much more than the development of robust knowledge and skills within Anaesthesiology. Of additional importance to these more clinically orientated concepts are the attitudes, knowledge and skills that contribute to a holistic philosophy of patient care. Each of the eight domains of good professional practice are briefly elaborated on in the following sections and are adapted from the Medical Councils Guidelines for Doctors Professional Competence Guidelines-for-Doctors.pdf. Each domain description below is followed by key themes that the trainee needs to understand and put into practice.10 Curriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme'