b'Domain KSA Expected Standards AssessmentANAESTHETIC MANAGEMENTDescribes anaesthetic management of early pregnancy conditions including:OB_S_19 3,6 K molar pregnancy, termination, ectopic, miscarriage, septic abortion FCAIDescribes management of pregnant patient having non-obstetric surgeryOB_S_20 2,6 K Describes mechanism and progress of normal labour MCAIDescribes analgesic options for labour and deliveryOB_S_21 8 S Performs epidural for analgesia in labour DOPSOB_S_22Outlines the principles of regional analgesia for labourSALUS 1,2,8 S Describes management of complications of regional analgesia, including:CBDspinal tap, hypotension, hypertension, total spinalProvides management of the complications of regional anaesthesia,including but not limited to OB_S_23 6,8 K,S Discussion of the complications and management options with Mini-CEXthe patientLiaison with obstetric team as appropriateClinical investigations/interventions for management of complicationsOB_S_24 6,8 K Understands the implications of vertebral abnormalities for neuraxialCBDblockadeOB_S_25 6,8 K Demonstrates understanding of the treatment of post-dural punctureFCAIheadacheOB_S_26 3,6 K Discusses diagnosis and management of women with neurological deficitsCBDafter neurological blockadeDiscusses anaesthetic management of problems which may arise with normal labour and deliveryOB_S_27 6,8 K- VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean), Uterine rupture, Cord prolapse,CBDAnte-partum haemorrhage, abruption, post-partum haemorrhage, shoul-der dystocia, Foetal death in uteroLSCS (LOWER SEGMENT CAESAREAN SECTION)OB_S_28 6 K Describes the grading urgency of LSCS MCAIOB_S_29Describes how anaesthetic techniques must be modified to the pregnant SALUS 1,6 K patient MCAIOB_S_30 1,6 K Explains local feeding/fasting policies and the reasons MCAIOB_S_31 6 K Describes the role of aspiration prophylaxis MCAIOB_S_32Explains thromboprophylaxis requirements in pregnancy, with reference to SALUS 1,6 K local guidelines MCAIOB_S_33 SALUS 1,8 S Safely positions the pregnant patient to minimise injury and complications DOPSOB_S_34 6,8 K Describes postoperative analgesic options and techniquesCBDOB_S_35 8 S Performs a general anaesthetic for LSCS DOPSOB_S_36 8 S Performs regional for LSCS DOPSOB_S_37 2,3,6 K Discusses the management of failed regional anaesthesia CBDOB_S_38 6 K Evaluates role of spinal, combined spinal-epidural and epidural for LSCS CBDCurriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme 91'