b'ForewordAcknowledgments Status of CurriculumThe authors of the Curriculum for the National SpecialistThis document, which is communicated as an Anaesthesiology Training Programme (the Curriculum)E-document, replaces and supersedes previously wish to acknowledge predecessors in the College ofpublished documents relating to the Curriculum and Anaesthesiologists (CAI or the College) who haveTraining Regulations. Information in this document is made available iterative drafts of previous editions of theaccurate at date of publication. As the Anaesthesiology Colleges curriculum, which have served as an invaluableprofession and healthcare system in Ireland continues to resource in the preparation of the Curriculum. The robustevolve, changes to the document may be required and Membership and Final Fellowship Examination Syllabusthe College reserves the right to amend or replace the of the College was referenced extensively in the writing ofCurriculum at its sole discretion and/or in line with best the Curriculum.The authors of this document gratefullypractice. Interpretation of any aspect of the document and acknowledge the Royal College of Anaesthetists forsubsequent changes will be determined by the College generously sharing material from their Certificate ofthrough its Training and Education Committee and Completion of Training curriculum in Anaesthesiology.Council.An extensive literature review of available curricula fromBy accepting a place on the National Specialist national and international communities was undertakenAnaesthesiology Training Programme (the Programme), during the preparation of this document. These includea trainee is agreeing to be bound by the rules and the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetistsregulations outlined in this document, the provisions of (ANZCA), Joint Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine ofthe Training Agreement and any subsequent changes. Ireland (JFICMI), European Board of AnaesthesiologyIrrespective of the date of the commencement of theirUnion of European Medical Specialties (EBA UEMS),training, a trainee will be bound by the version of this Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Educationdocument in force at a given time. In the event that there (ACGME), Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (RCPI)is a discrepancy between the Training Agreement and the and Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland (RCSI). Curriculum, the Curriculum will prevail.This Curriculum Certain educational elements of these documents haveis effective from 13 thJuly 2020.been utilised or referenced to reflect the practice of Anaesthesiology in Ireland. The Curriculum is the product of a collaboration between multiple stakeholders, including but not limited to Council Members, Anaesthesiology Department and Academic Chairs, Tutors, Committee of Anaesthesiology Trainees (CAT), Faculties, Societies and Consultants with areas of special interest. Curriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme 1'