b'At the meeting the progress of all trainees in theProgression Reviewdepartment should be discussed; For trainees in SAT 1 to SAT 5, a review meeting is held Specifically, the clinical progress of each traineeduring each academic year where one of the Directors should be discussed and assessed by reference to the(or their nominee) will arrange to meet each trainee.This minimum criteria to assess completion of a unit;provides an opportunity for both the Training Department A consensus opinion of consultants present shouldand the trainee to discuss training progress and for the then be entered on to the ITA for disclosure to thetrainee to provide feedback on the programme. All trainee; reviews will be organised by the Training Department and The tutor should arrange individual meetings with eachat least two weeks notice will usually be provided.It is trainee where the trainee has an opportunity to discussmandatory for trainees to attend.their assessment with the tutor and to receive feedback. This meeting should, ideally, have two consultantsThe annual Progression Review meeting is an integral present; part of the programme. It provides the opportunity for If the trainee is in agreement with the ITA, electronicthe Directors to establish that a trainee is progressing sign off on the e-Portfolio should be completed by bothaccording to expectations and to identify at an early stage the trainee and the tutor; if intervention is required.It is essential that the trainee The tutor is responsible for completing the ITAs onprepares appropriately for this review meeting.line.The details of the assessment should always beTwo representatives of the Progression Committee, discussed with the trainee and this should be indicatedusually either the Director or Deputy Director of Training on the ITA. or their nominee and the Training Manager or their Unsatisfactory ITA nominee, will meet every trainee on an annual basis for a Progression Review. The review meeting provides an In the event that a trainee who had been identified as notopportunity for both the Training Department and the progressing in line with expectations at the mid-pointtrainee to discuss training progress and for the trainee assessment and the steps outlined above have notto provide feedback on the programme. At the interview, resulted in sufficient progress being made, the traineeeach trainee should bring:should receive an Unsatisfactory marking on the on-lineSummary of their log book;ITA form with the reasons clearly documented andSummary of their training diary;explained to the trainee; Summary of their workplace based assessment If the trainee is not in agreement with the assessment,portfolio;this should be referred to the Department Chair and theEvidence of reflective practice. College should be notified;An Unsatisfactory ITA should be notified to the CollegeTraining Department will bring:in advance of the trainees Progression Review or onA copy of rotations;completion in the case of a JulyJanuary rotation. ReferITAs;to Trainee not progressing in line with expectations -Exam results;Clinical for next steps. Up to date information on competencies completed;Confirmation of Competencies Up to date information on Mandatory Training and Simulation Courses completed.At the end of the rotation meeting, agreement shouldThe trainees progress will be discussed in detail. Specific be reached between the tutor and the trainee regardingmilestones will be checked, e.g. passing of exams within completion of competencies. This should be in line withspecified timelines and accumulation of appropriate the criteria outlined in the Part B: Clinical Components; on-call experience.The Directors will ascertain The tutor should complete on-line sign off for eachwhether adherence to the mandatory components of competency as appropriate. the Programme meets requirement and will determine Note regarding leave: if any action is required, e.g. adjustment to rotations, Where a trainee has been on leave, other than annualre-scheduling attendance at Mandatory Training or leave, during the six-month period, satisfactory sign Simulation Courses. Where the review is considered off requires that at least 3 months with full andsatisfactory, the presiding Director will confirm appropriate on call duties have been completed. progression.22 Curriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme'