b'Regional Anaesthesia 2 - Peripheral Nerve BlockadeRP_M_1 Obtains consentSALUS 1,2 A Accepts the right of the patient to decline regional anaesthesia, even whenDOPSthere are clinical advantagesRP_M_3 Demonstrates safety for the procedureSALUS 1,8 A Ensures the site of surgery is marked DOPSRP_M_4 Discusses advantages and disadvantages of peripheral regionalSALUS 1,8 K anaesthesiaFCAIDemonstrates safety during the blockade, including:Confirming the markings for site of surgery Attaching appropriate monitoring Establishing IV (intra-venous) access prior to procedurePositioning of the patientRP_M_13 Identifying the anatomical landmarksSALUS 1,7 S Using aseptic technique Mini-CEXSelecting appropriate needleSelecting, checking, drawing up, diluting and labelling of drugs for injectionChecking for inadvertent intravenous and intraneural administrationwith ultrasoundRP_M_19SALUS 1,5 S Documents the procedure and any complications DOPSRP_M_22 Discusses the investigations and management of patients who haveSALUS 1,8 K developed complications as a result of regional anaesthesia, includingMCAInerve injuryRP_M_24SALUS 1,5 K Knows the criteria for safe discharge of a patient under regional blockade CBDRP_M_25 Understands the need to review patients following regional technique to SALUS 1,7 A ensure patient is aware of safety measures until the block has worn off CBDAnaesthesia for Ophthalmic SurgeryOP_M_1 Discusses the peri-operative assessment of the ophthalmic patientSALUS 1,8 S Discusses associated co-morbidities FCAIOutlines opportunities to optimise high risk patientsOP_M_3 Discusses the special requirements for children undergoing ophthalmic SALUS 1,2 K proceduresCBDOP_M_9SALUS 1 A Applies the safe site surgery checklist to prevent wrong site surgery DOPSOP_M_10 Discusses precautions for revision surgery in patients who have had SALUS 1,6 S intra-ocular gas FCAIOP_M_18SALUS 1 K Describes the risks associated with needle block FCAIOP_M_20 Describes precautions and safety procedures for laser therapy during SALUS 1 K ophthalmic surgery FCAIOP_M_22 Understands and describes the need to review patients followingSALUS 1 A regional technique to ensure block has worn off and there are no CBDresidual complications114 Curriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme'