b'Non-Clinical DaySAT 6 Trainees Guidelines for TutorsThe Training Committee recommends that oneIntroductionnon-clinical day per week be made available to all SAT 6 trainees provided that the specific use of the non-clinicalTutors are the Colleges representatives in accredited day is agreed in advance with the tutor or Departmenttraining hospitals.They are the primary link between Chair, see guidelines for use of the non-clinical day below: the trainees, the hospital site and the College.They are Participant on CAI mandatory course; responsible for the organisation of training activity at the Faculty on CAI organised courses - clinical skills, examtraining site, ongoing monitoring of trainees progress and preparation or other approved course; ultimate assessment of trainees at the end of each rotation.Participant, Teacher or Facilitator of hospital basedRole of Consultants as Trainers:academic activity;Agreed Research activity; While the tutor has primary responsibility for the Agreed Audit activity; organisation of training at the hospital site, all consultants Agreed Clinical guidelines activity; coming into contact with trainees are considered trainers. To Hospital or CAI Management/administrative duties e.g.be recognised as a trainer by the College, a consultant must:CAT or LAT. Hold the Fellowship of the College or equivalent;Be In Good Standing with the College;Application to use non clinical days on a regular basisBe registered on the Specialist Division of the Register for a defined research or audit activity should be madefor Anaesthesiology with the Medical Council of Ireland;in writing to the Department Chair prior to or as early asBe registered on and compliant with a Medical Council possible in a rotation.It is noted where at all possibleaccredited Professional Competence Scheme (PCS);the non-clinical day should be used by trainees forBe employed in a hospital that has been inspected and attendance at CAI mandatory courses. accredited by the College.A report on the availability, use and productivity ofAll consultants acting as CAI Trainers have anon-clinical days will be required from each SAT 6 traineeresponsibility to:as part of the in-training assessment. This report will formAllow trainees to gain experience under supervision;part of their training portfolio and is required at the ExitHelp and support trainees using the prescribed Interview. workplace based feedback tools; Assist trainees to achieve their goals in the areas Trainee Review of Hospital Sites of knowledge, experience, competency and Trainees are asked to take part in a six monthly onlineprofessionalism;survey to review the Hospital sites. The survey isProvide ongoing feedback to tutors and contribute to managed by the Training Department, it cannot beend of rotation In-Training Assessment process;accessed by the hospitals and it is not available toContribute to the hospital and College teaching and view by anyone other than the trainee and the Trainingexamination programmes;Department.The information gathered is anonymisedAdhere to all HSE and College Policies.and used as part of the hospital inspection process. The information does provide valuable informationAppointment of Tutors:for the College and the hospitals in seeking to makeTo be eligible for nomination as a tutor, a doctor must improvements fortrainees and to the training programme.meet the following criteria:The survey results are monitored by the TrainingHold the Fellowship of the College or equivalent;Department and will be used to manage any trainingBe In Good Standing with the College;issues within hospitals which may need to be resolved.Be registered on the Specialist Division of the Register They also offer additional insight into the condition of afor Anaesthesiology with the Medical Council of Ireland;training site during the accreditation inspection process. Be registered on and compliant with a Medical Council accredited PCS;Be employed as a permanent consultant at an inspected and accredited training site.The Chair of the Department at an accredited training site nominates a proposed tutor to the Training Department of the College. The Training Manager tables the nomination for consideration at the next meeting of the Training Committee:The Training Committee reserves the right of approval 30 Curriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme'