b'subject to change; for leave from the programme where a structured In determining whether or not to grant a traineesprogramme is organised through a recognised university in application for unaccredited leave (either SAT 2 orIreland and once funding has been secured. A trainee may SAT 4 unaccredited leave), the Training Committee isapply to the College for leave to complete an appropriate entitled to take into account the overall number of leaveprogramme using the Application for Leave from Training applications (of all types, credited and unaccredited) inScheme form, available on the website and submission a given year. The number of applications granted in anyof relevant funding support. Decision to grant leave will one year will be subject to the Colleges overarchingbe at the discretion of the Training Committee taking into responsibility with regard to patient safety and resourceaccount the trainees stage of training, ability to complete demands; competencies and gain sufficient experience at senior Where it is considered that there are more applicationson-call and the total number of trainees on all forms of than can be granted for any reason, the Trainingleave at that time, in view of the Colleges overarching Committee has the discretion to determine whichresponsibility with regard to patient safety and resource applications will be granted.In approving applications,demands.the purpose will be taken into account;Ultimate decision to grant unaccredited leave is at theRequirements for Accreditation while ondiscretion of the Training Committee.Academic LeaveUnplanned Leave In either of the situations outlined above and where a trainee is seeking accreditation for the clinical aspect of In other circumstances where leave is requested ontheir programme, the following conditions will apply:grounds of personal health, well-being or emergencyThe maximum period of leave will be three years and caring responsibilities, it is accepted that the full noticethe maximum time available for clinical accreditation period of 10 months notice may not be possible. In thesewill be 12 months in a three year academic programme;circumstances and in the case of any leave request forWhere the trainee has arranged their own funding, personal health reasons, appropriate medical or otherthey will need to secure agreement with an appropriate relevant supporting documentationwill be sought. training hospital to complete at least one clinical All requests for leave should be submitted to the Trainingday per week and one weekend on the on-call rota Department using the Application for Leave from Trainingper 6 weeks. The trainee will then be allocated to a Scheme form available on the website. supernumerary post with that hospital and will agree a plan for completing appropriate competencies with the Leave from the SchemeAcademic Directors of Training;The College supports incorporating research training toWhere a trainee is accepted to the ICAT Programme, PhD level into the SAT Programme. A trainee who is inthe College will arrange the rotations in agreement SAT 3 or higher may apply for academic leave to facilitatewith an appropriate hospital and the trainee with the completion of a PhD in Ireland. There are two avenuesrequirement to complete at least one clinical day per available: week and one weekend on the on-call rota per 6 weeks;The trainee will then be allocated to a supernumerary Application through the Wellcome-HRBpost with that hospital and will agree a plan for ICAT Programme (ICAT) completing appropriate competencies with the The ICAT programme recruits candidates on a once-yearlyDirectors of Training;basis through a competitive entry process which opens inClinical training during research years must be September and closes in late October. Eligibility criteria equivalent to a SAT at the same level of training;and further information is available on the ICAT websiteITAs should be completed by each hospital for the www.icatprogramme.org Trainees who wish to apply forclinical component of the programme.In addition, a this programme should advise the Training Departmentreport from the trainees academic supervisor should of their intention to apply and if successful, must bebe provided on a six monthly basis which should outline approved by the Directors of Training in advance of takingtrainees progress in achieving their research goals;up a position on the ICAT Programme. The trainee will be invited to an annual Progression Review during the time spent on academic leave;Funded PhD Programme Accreditation of time towards completion of training will be determined by the Progression Committee;It is open to a trainee to independently source fundingThe final year of the Programme must be completed on for a PhD Programme. The College has no involvement inthe scheme. Rotations for the final year will be allocated arranging these programmes but will consider applicationsby the Training Department.Curriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme 27'