b'Intensive Care MedicineRecognises, assesses and stabilises the acutely ill patient with disordered CC_S_1physiology SALUS 1 S manages cardiopulmonary resuscitationDOPSmanages the patient post-resuscitation CC_S_2Outlines principles of triage and discusses appropriate methods toSALUS 1 S prioritise patients for timely admission to ICUCBDCC_S_3 SALUS 1 K Describes the management of mass casualties CBDCC_S_7 SALUS 1 S Monitors and responds to trends in physiological variablesDOPSCC_S_9Manages the care of the critically ill patient with specific acute medical SALUS 1 S conditionsDOPSCC_S_13 SALUS 1 S Prescribes drugs and therapies safelyDOPSCC_S_14Outlines the principles of antimicrobial therapy, including antimicrobial SALUS 1 S stewardshipMCAICC_S_33 SALUS 1 S Co-ordinates the safe and timely discharge of patient from the ICU Mini-CEXCC_S_40Describes national legislation and guidelines relating to child protection SALUS 1 K and their relevance to critical care FCAICC_S_41Undertakes transport of the mechanically ventilated critically ill patient SALUS 1 S outside the ICU DOPSCC_S_43 SALUS 1 A Describes local infection control measures CBDCC_S_44Identifies environmental hazards and outlines opportunities to promote SALUS 1 A safety for patients and staff MCAICC_S_45Describes methods to minimise risk of critical incidents and adverse SALUS 1 K events, including complications of critical illness MCAICC_S_47 SALUS 1 K Critically appraises and applies guidelines, protocols and care bundlesFCAICC_S_52 Maintains accurate and legible records/documentation including notes in SALUS 1 S electronic charts DOPSCC_S_57Ensures continuity of care through effective hand-over of clinicalSALUS 1 S informationMini-CEXCC_S_58Supports clinical staff outside the ICU to enable the delivery of effective SALUS 1 A careMini-CEXCC_S_60 SALUS 1 S Takes responsibility for safe patient careMini-CEXPain MedicinePM_S_11Describes potential personal and societal issues around long term opioid SALUS 6 K prescriptions in chronic pain CBD118 Curriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme'