b'1.3 Training DiaryThe Medical Councils Professional Competence Schemes (PCS) are formal structures to ensure that all doctors registered and working in Ireland maintain their education, knowledge and skills (competence) at an acceptable level. All registered medical professionals have a legal duty to maintain professional competence, however, trainees registered on the Trainee Specialist Division of the Medical Council Register are NOT required to be enrolled on a PCS.This is because trainees on a formal training programme are recognised as undergoing consistent work in education and skills.However, although trainees on the Colleges specialist training programme are not required to be enrolled on a PCS, the CAI utilises the concept of Professional Competence to promote self-directed and practice-based learning activities, as well as activities that maintain and develop professionalism, knowledge, skills and attitudes in their trainees. The eight domains of good professional practice recommended by the Medical Council and referred to in Section One of this document describe a framework of competencies applicable to all doctors and the training diary, which is located in the trainees e-Portfolio, maps learning activities to each of these domains. These domains should be used by trainees to assess professional development needs. With this structure in mind, trainees are required to complete a Training Diary which reflects all elements of learning. Mandatory documentation of attendance at learning activities is required which mirror those outlined in the PCS. The points accrued in the training diary are a reflection of the Medical Councils Eight Domains of Good Professional Practice. Specialist anaesthesiologist trainees are expected to demonstrate professionalism, this will be documented in the Training Diary, and reviewed by the Training Department at the trainees Annual Progression Review. Expected annual requirements include: 50 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits annually comprising (minimum):External 20 creditsInternal 20 creditsPersonal Learning 5 creditsResearch, Postgraduate Examining and Teaching 2 credits desirable Quality improvement project, which can include clinical or practice related audit.120 Curriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme'