b'ITA marking on the on-line ITA form as outlined under theDiscontinuation from the Programme:above section The ITA Process in Detail and the CollegeDepending on the gravity of the issue, the should be notified. recommendation of the Progression Committee could be for the trainee to discontinue training on the Note regarding documentation: Programme.It is essential that proper records of discussions and any actions agreed with the trainee are maintainedWhere the trainee is in agreement with the by the Anaesthesiology Department in the hospital.recommendation of the Progression Committee, a The trainees acknowledgment should be obtained byproposal will be brought to the Training Committee for means of their signature on the appropriate documents,agreement and subsequent implementation.e.g. action plans, intermediate assessments etc.Where a trainee is not in agreement with the recommendation of the Progression Committee, the Step 2 - 1st Formal Meeting in the CAI recommendation of the Progression Committee is still with the Progression Committee: presented to the Training Committee for a decision by First Unsatisfactory ITA the Training Committee.The Training Committee may Where an Unsatisfactory marking has been given for andetermine:ITA, the trainee should be met by two members of thea)No action is to be taken;Progression Committee in the College. Following theb)The trainee is to undergo an extension (for a specified meeting, a report will then be prepared identifying stepsperiod) to their participation on the programme; orthat need to be taken to restore the trainee to normalc)The trainee is to discontinue participation on the progression. These steps may result in a change inProgramme.rotations. Where these steps are agreed with the trainee,If, following communication of the decision of the Training implementation will proceed with the outcome notified toCommittee, the trainee feels that the decision of the the Progression Committee.Training Committee regarding their clinical progress is The Progression Committee will agree with the traineeunfair, they have a right to appeal the decision. The appeals whether supports need to be continued in the subsequentprocess is outlined under Trainee Appeals Process below.rotation.In this event, the hospital will need to be informedNote:and this will be agreed with the trainee. The trainee will beWhere the Progression Committee considers it notified that a second Unsatisfactory ITA could result inappropriate to require extended training time, discontinuation of training on the scheme.the trainee will be required to fully complete the Programme within a total duration of eight years Step 32nd Formal Meeting in the CAI with(excluding leave) from commencement of SAT 1. the Progression Committee:This eight-year maximum timeframe will include both Second Unsatisfactory ITA accredited and unaccredited training time.Where a trainee has received an Unsatisfactory ITA marking in two separate hospitals, the ProgressionTrainee not progressing Committee will meet the trainee and advise of possiblein line with expectationsrecommendations to the Training Committee which can include: ExaminationsExtended Training Time: There are two set milestones in relation to passing of Where it is viewed that the difficulties identified canExaminations, the Examination syllabus is available at be corrected within a defined time period of notAppendix 5: Examination Syllabusgreater than 12 months, the Progression Committee can propose to the trainee that their programme beWhere Exam milestones are not met:extended for a further 12 months.If the trainee is in agreement, this will be presented to the TrainingMCAI FCAICommittee for decision.During this time, the matter will be considered as remaining live. If afterAdditional 6 months Additional 6 months.this extended training time the trainee difficulties& up to a max of 12 Further additional time previously identified remain, the recommendation ofmonths. If not passedmay be given at the the Progression Committee could be that the traineewithin 12 months Trainee descretion of theshould discontinue training on the programme. is withdrawn Training Committee.24 Curriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme'