b'College Tutors (Tutors) Rotations are designed to ensure all competencies can While a trainee may work with a number of consultantbe achieved within the six-year training programme Anaesthesiologists during the course of their training,although the College reserves the right to require they will be supervised by the appointed College tutor.further training or assessment;Details of the role and responsibilities of the tutor areProvide evidence of sufficient case mix by means of an outlined under Guidelines for Tutors below.up to date log book which should reflect the minimum Commencement of Training volume requirements outlined in the Guide to the Clinical Components of the Curriculum;On commencement of each rotation, the trainee willCompletion of all Mandatory Training and Simulation meet with the tutor and agree training objectives for theCourses as stipulated by the College, any exceptions following six months. The agreed objectives should bemust be approved by the Progression Committee;recorded on the trainees e-Portfolio.In all circumstances,Complete on-call duties appropriate to level of training the trainee and tutor should arrange a further meetingas follows:at the mid-way point of the rotation to ensure that these objectives are being met and again at the end of the-12 - 24 months on the theatre on-call rota. A minimum rotation and maintain a record of these meetings on theof 12 months and maximum of 24 months applies in trainees e-Portfolio. Options and availability of traininga general hospital.It is acknowledged that a trainee modules should be discussed at the beginning of eachmay complete additional theatre on-call time in a rotation.specialised hospital, e.g. obstetrics;Assessment of Training-Intensive Care on-call, i.e. on the Intensive Care Training is assessed at a number of stages through theMedicine (ICM) roster, should only be undertaken programme and by using a variety of methods. In orderafter a minimum two-month module in ICM. The to be deemed to have complied with these Trainingguideline is that a trainee should spend a minimum Regulations, the trainee is required to satisfactorilyof 18 months ICM on-call, with a maximum of 3 years. complete all required assessments. Details of theDuring the two years that they are on the ICM rota, assessment process are outlined under Progressionthey should complete a two-month module each year through Training. as a minimum standard;-A trainee may only be rostered senior on-call duties Examination Requirements following successful completion of the Fellowship Trainees are required to complete the MembershipExamination. At least 12 months and ideally 18 (MCAI) and Fellowship (FCAI) Examinations of themonths should be completed at senior on-call. College within the stipulated timelines. The MembershipHospitals currently able to assign senior on call roles Examination must be passed to enable a trainee progressinclude model 4 hospitals as outlined in Hospital from SAT 2 to SAT 3 and the Fellowship Examination mustAccreditation by Competency. Upon specific be passed to enable a trainee progress from SAT 5 toapplication other hospitals, Model 4 specialty and SAT 6. Full details of exam requirements are outlined inModel 3 hospitals with suitable case complexity and the Examination Syllabus, see Appendix 5: Examinationcaseload, may apply for senior on call recognition. SyllabusThis, however, remains at the discretion of the Training Committee, and will apply to a maximum of 6 months recognition of the recommended 18 months Award of Certificate ofsenior on-call required;Satisfactory Completion of-The role of senior on call in these institutions is:Specialist Training (CSCST) To co-ordinate theatre on call services and allocate resources according to need;To be awarded a CSCST, a trainee must meet all of theTo collaborate with surgical and nursing staff to requirements as outlined in this section: ensure smooth on-call services;Experience Liaise with on-call consultant as the need arises;To supervise and support the 1st on call in theatre;Pass the Initial Assessment of Competence, seeTo offer support to the ICM on call;Appendix 2: Summary of Minimum Criteria forTo respond to referral for Anaesthesia and Intensive Competence, and be rostered for theatre on call dutiesCare service from within the hospital.during the first six-month rotation;Rotate to hospital sites as allocated by the College. 18 Curriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme'