b'Domain KSA Expected Standards AssessmentPOST-ANAESTHESIA CARE UNIT (PACU)GA_C_33 8 S Safely transfers patient to the PACU DOPSDemonstrates safe handover of patient care during and after anaesthesiaGA_C_34 8 A Ensures appropriate documentation in patient health care records forDOPShandover and continuation of patient careGA_C_35 8 K Outlines appropriate postoperative analgesia, anti-emesis, fluid regime,MCAIoxygen therapyOutlines the management of common problems in the PACUincluding:HypotensionGA_C_36HypertensionSALUS 1 S Tachycardia FCAIBradycardiaPostoperative nausea and vomitingSevere painGA_C_37 SALUS 1 K Explains the criteria for patient discharge from PACU MCAIGA_C_38 1 S Outlines principles of reviewing a patient on the ward for the patient withCBDanaesthetic or surgical concernsMinimum criteria for assessing completion of unit: Volume of PracticeAnaesthesia for ASA 1-2 patients 200Workplace Based AssessmentsRequired Workplace based assessment 4CBD:5Available WBAs DOPS:11Mini-CEX: 3CoursesSimulation Anaesthesiology Emergencies48 Curriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme'