b'General Anaesthesia for ASA I-II Patients for Low-riskSurgical ProceduresDescription:Providing general anaesthesia is a core anaesthetic skill. This unit deals with basic knowledge and skills to provide general anaesthesia in low-risk patients (ASA I,II) having low-risk surgical procedures (surgical severity of 1 and 2).Legend for Competency TableDomain KSA Expected Standards AssessmentPRIOR TO INDUCTIONOutlines the basic pharmacology of the main groups of drugs required for anaesthesia including but not limited to:SedativesIntravenous and inhalational anaesthetic agentsGA_C_1 6 K Analgesics MCAIAntiemeticsNMBAs (Neuro muscular blocking agents)Reversal agentsEmergency drugs used in anaesthesiaGA_C_2 6 K Describes the ASA physical status classification system and its implicationsMCAIfor anaesthesiaGA_C_3 5 K Outlines the indications for common perioperative investigations MCAIConducts a relevant assessment (targeted history and focusedGA_C_4 5 S examination) of the patient prior to anaesthesia and/or reviews the DOPSfindings of the pre-assessment of the patient, to identify features thatwill affect perioperative anaesthetic managementGA_C_5 1 S Outlines a pre-, intra- and postoperative management planCBDGA_C_6 SALUS 1 S Properly prepares the anaesthetic room and/or operating theatre IACGA_C_7Conducts a pre-operative equipment check, as per AA (Association of SALUS 1 S Anaesthetists) guidelines IACGA_C_8 SALUS 1 S Prepares the required drugs, including emergency drugs IACGA_C_9 2 K Discusses the elements of informed consent CBDGA_C_10Outlines preoperative fasting guidelines, identifies patients at risk of SALUS 1 K pulmonary aspiration of gastric contents and discusses perioperativeMCAImeasures to reduce the risk of sameGA_C_11 2 A Manages patient anxiety Mini-CEXGA_C_12 2 A Chooses an appropriate anaesthetic technique, discusses the anaestheticMini-CEXplan with the patient and the alternate options for anaesthesiaGA_C_13 3 A Identifies and communicates with anaesthetic nurse/assistant DOPSGA_C_14 8 K Formulates and describes an appropriate airway management strategy CBDGA_C_15 8 S Establishes intravenous access DOPS46 Curriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme'