b'Domain KSA Pain Medicine AssessmentDescribes the assessment and management of a selection of the following pain conditions:Low back painCancer painPhantom limb painHeadacheDental and facial painPM_S_13 6 K Paediatric chronic pain FCAINeuropathic pain syndromesVisceral painFibromyalgiaSpinal cord injury painCentral post-stroke pain syndromeBurn painPain in pregnancyPelvic painDescribes and performs a selection of the following interventional pain management techniques, including indications, complications, procedure:Trigger Point InjectionsCaudal or lumbar epidural Steroid Injection under visualisation(ultrasound or fluoroscopy)PM_S_14 6,8 K Sympathetic Blocks (observed only) DOPSDiagnostic BlocksLumbar Facet Jointmedial branch blocks Selective Lumbar Nerve Root BlocksRadio Frequency (RF) & Pulsed Rhizotomy (observed only)Spinal Cord Stimulation (observed only)PM_S_15 3 A Communicates effectively with the chronic pain patient DOPSPM_S_16 4 A Works collaboratively with other members of the multi-disciplinary Mini-CEXPain Service as an effective teamPM_S_17 4,5 A Describes the indication for, and structure of, a pain management FCAIprogrammePM_S_18 2,4 K Participates in a Pain Management programme, or equivalent multi-CBDdisciplinary Care Programme104 Curriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme'