b'Anaesthesia for Vascular Surgery Description:By the completion of this unit, the trainee will be able to provide anaesthesia for patients requiring vascular anaesthesia of moderate complexity.Legend for Competency TableDomain KSA Expected Standards AssessmentPOSSESS BASIC SCIENTIFIC AND CLINICAL KNOWLEDGEVA_M_1 6 K Explains the effect of smoking on health FCAIVA_M_2 6 K Explains the principles and anaesthetic implications of sympathectomy FCAIVA_M_3 6 K Explains the principles of blood conservation and cell salvage when FCAImajor haemorrhage is predictedVA_M_4 6 K Discusses methods to minimise blood loss and transfusion requirements CBDin aortic surgeryDescribes the impact of vascular disease on VA_M_5 6 K Wound healing CBDPositioning injuryPeri-operative stroke, myocardial ischaemia, renal failurePATIENT ASSESSMENTS AND PRE-OPERATIVE INTERVENTIONSVA_M_6 6 K Describes the perioperative management for a patient for major FCAIvascular surgeryVA_M_7 6 K Explains morbidity and mortality associated with vascular surgery FCAIVA_M_8 6 K Lists the methods to assess a patients functional cardiovascular capacity FCAIVA_M_9 2,6 K Explains the preoperative management of a patient with atheroscleroticFCAIdiseaseVA_M_10 2,6 K,S Describes post-operative management and critical care of vascular FCAIpatientsVA_M_11 5,6 K Discusses risks and benefits of regional anaesthesia and analgesia in CBDvascular surgeryVA_M_12 3,6 S Outlines the assessment of the patient with co-existing disease CBDDEMONSTRATES APPROPRIATE SKILLS AND MANAGEMENT IN SPECIFIC AREAS OF VASCULAR ANAESTHESIADiscusses prevention, diagnosis and management of perioperativecomplications, including but not limited to Major haemorrhageReperfusion syndromesMyocardial ischaemiaVA_M_13 5 K,S Stroke FCAIThromboembolismAcute renal impairmentSpinal cord ischaemiaRhabdomyolysisPost amputation painCurriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme 79'