b'Domain KSA Expected Standards AssessmentGENERAL PRINCIPLES CONTINUED.AO_M_9 2 K Discusses the choice of anaesthetic agent and technique for cardioversion CBDAO_M_10SALUS 1 K Discusses the special considerations for emergency cardioversion FCAIDescribes the common comorbidities of patients presenting forAO_M_11 6 K electro-convulsive therapy (ECT) and their preoperative assessment FCAIKnows the contra-indications for ECTAO_M_12 6 K Describes the physiological and physical responses to ECT CBDAO_M_13 6 K Describes the anaesthetic technique and drugs used for ECT CBDREGARDING SEDATIONCan explain: What is meant by conscious sedation and why understanding thedefinition is crucial to patient safety The differences between conscious sedation, deep sedation and general AO_M_14 6 K anaesthesiaMCAIThe fundamental differences in techniques /drugs used /patient safety That the significant risks to patient safety associated with sedationtechnique requires meticulous attention to detail, the continuouspresence of a suitably trained individual with responsibility for patient safety, safe monitoring and contemporaneous record keepingCan explain to a patient the risks and benefits of conscious sedation, AO_M_15 6 K including awareness during procedures DOPSManages patient expectations and reactions during conscious sedationAO_M_16 6 K Describes the pharmacology of drugs commonly used to produce MCAIsedationAO_M_17 6 K Explains the need for and means of monitoring the sedated patient FCAIincluding the use of commonly usedsedation scoring systemsDescribes how drugs should be titrated to effect and how the use ofAO_M_18 6 K multiple drugs with synergistic actions can reduce the therapeutic indexFCAIand hence the margin of safetyDescribes the importance of recognising the following when multipledrug techniques are employed:Increased potential for adverse outcomes when two or more sedating /analgesic drugs are administered AO_M_19 6 K The importance of titrating multiple drugs to effect whilst recognising MCAIthat the possibility of differing times of onset, peak effect and duration, can result in an unpredictable responseKnowledge of each drugs time of onset, peak effect, duration of action and potential for synergismAO_M_20 6 K Discusses which sedative drugs should be avoided and/or given withCBDcaution in the elderlyAO_M_21 6 K Can explain the minimal monitoring required during pharmacologicalFCAIsedationAO_M_22 6 K Can explain the use of single drug, multiple drug and inhalation FCAItechniquesCurriculum for the National Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme 69'