Prof Eilish McAuliffe

Professor Eilish McAuliffe, University College Dublin

  • Eilish McAuliffe is Professor of Health Systems at University College Dublin and Director of the UCD Centre for Interdisciplinary Research, Education and Innovation in Health Systems (IRIS Centre). IRIS research activity is focused on systems and implementation science using participatory and co-design principles. Prof McAuliffe previously established and led the Centre for Global Health at Trinity College Dublin for 10 years and served as Director of the Masters in Health Services Management for 15 years. For the past 3 decades her research activity has been primarily focused on strengthening health systems. Utilising interdisciplinary approaches to identify problems in existing service provision, particularly in the areas of leadership, teamwork and organizational culture, she co-designs and evaluates new models and approaches to improve the quality and safety of healthcare.
  • Prof McAuliffe was awarded a Health Research Board Research Leader award in 2015 for a programme of research on Collective Leadership and Safety Cultures (Co-Lead) at UCD. Over the past 5-6 years, the main focus of her work has been on the topic of collective leadership and the value of harnessing collective intelligence across multiple stakeholders to achieve collective impact – an approach which she believes is critical to addressing today’s global challenges. She has utilized co-design approaches to develop and test a collective leadership team-based intervention aimed at improving team performance and patient safety. Prof McAuliffe has published articles in leading healthcare journals as well as a number of co-edited and co-authored books. She holds a B.Sc. Psychology from University College Dublin, an M.Sc. Clinical Psychology from University of London, an MBA from Strathclyde University and a PhD from Trinity College Dublin.