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If you are registered on the Supervised, General or Specialist Division of the Medical Council of Ireland Register, you are required to be enrolled on a Professional Competence Scheme. You must be enrolled in order to demonstrate you are actively maintaining your Professional Competence in a manner recognised by the Medical Council of Ireland. When you apply to retain your registration with the Medical Council, you are required to declare the name of your Professional Competence Scheme and the date you enrolled, or renewed your enrolment, on that scheme.  Failure to make this declaration places your continuing registration at risk.

To enrol on a Professional Competence Scheme you must be on the Medical Council’s Specialist Register in the relevant specialty. If you’re not sure if this is the right Scheme for you, contact us and we will be glad to help. The CAI will enrol Registered Medical Practitioners (RMP) where any of the following apply:

  • The anaesthetist is registered on the register of medical specialists for Anaesthesia maintained by the Irish Medical Council.
  • The anaesthetist is a practitioner registered on the general or supervised divisions of the register maintained by the Irish Medical Council, whose postgraduate qualifications and/or experience and/or current practice in anaesthesia are reviewed by the College of Anaesthesiologists of Ireland.
  • The RMP has a practice with a particular interest in Pain or Intensive Care Medicine. The College will review such postgraduate qualifications and/or experience and/or current practice as advised by the Faculty of Pain Medicine and Joint Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine of Ireland.

Please click here to enrol. You will be guided through the application process, and asked to select enrolment into either the Specialist, General or Supervised Division Schemes. On completion of the details required, you may submit the application as advised. Alternatively, you may save your application for completion later using the unique applicant number and IMC registration number that is emailed to you at the start of the application process. After you submit your application, there will some additional verification processes if you are not a Fellow of the College or you are not active on the College database. Once submitted, you will receive an immediate email confirming receipt of your application and a commitment to process it within 5 working days.  You will also receive a PCS invoice, once the invoice is paid you will have access to record your PCS activity.

If you have enrolled on a Professional Competence Scheme before, you don’t need to complete another application. You are however required to renew your enrolment each year. For advice or information about Professional Competence and renewing your enrolment please contact the PCS Administration Team, on +353 1265 0600 or email

Professional Competence Contact: PCS Administration Team, on +353 1265 0600 or email