Tutor Guidelines

This tab is currently under development. Full Guidelines which are currently under review as part of the Draft Curriculum will be provided once approved.

Please see link to revised ‘Initial Assessment of Competence’ below:

Guidelines for CAI Education Fund

(Administered by CAI Tutor)

To assist Tutors in the fulfilment of their duties, the College will provide funding for training and educational purposes of €3,000 per tutor or per 8 trainees (where there is more than one Tutor) and up to a maximum of €9,000 per hospital in any 3-year period. The funding can be claimed over a 3-year period, e.g. €3,000 from 2019 – 2022 and again from 2022 – 2025.  The funding is principally for equipment / events with an educational / training purpose which can include wellbeing / team building. The fund is to reimburse the Department of Anaesthesiology for expenditure of this nature.

Criteria for funding:

Applications for funding can be submitted on behalf of the hospital by a College approved Tutor.  In submitting an application, the Tutor is acknowledging their responsibilities as outlined in the Training Regulations and agreeing in particular to:

  • Oversee in-hospital training, including teaching, presentations, access to modules and competencies
  • Meet trainees at the start of the rotation to agree goals and objectives
  • Brief a departmental meeting with an overview of the objectives agreed for all trainees
  • Provide the opportunity for one-to-one meetings to gauge progress, provide feedback and take remedial action if required
  • Arrange interim and end of rotation meetings
  • Organise the completion In-Training Assessments for each trainee for each six-month rotation following the process outlined in the Training Regulations
  • Keep College informed of relevant developments that may influence trainee’s performance and well being
  • Attend one Tutor Training Day per year

Purposes of funding

Expected purposes of funding include:

  • Equipment for the department with a training / educational function, e.g. laptop / projector, copies of invoices will be required.
  • Wellbeing events or events for team building exercises not including alcohol.

Requests for funding

  • The funds will be requested on behalf of the Department
  • Copies of invoices and Department of Anaesthesiology Bank account details will be required
  • The request will be subject to the approval of the Training Department and processed by the Finance Department.

Apply for Educational Fund

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