Gaining Entry to the Specialist Register


Doctors who consider that they have sufficient training in anaesthesia / anaesthesiology but have not completed their training through the National Specialist Training Programme administered by the College can apply for inclusion in the Specialist Division of the Register for Anaesthesiology based on their current educational qualifications and experience. This is known as the ‘Credentials route’.


Q. I qualified as a doctor in a country outside the European Union. How do I apply for entry to the Specialist Division of the Register?

  1. You need to contact the Medical Council to determine your eligibility for inclusion in the Specialist Division of the Register for Anaesthesia. The contact details are:

Website at:

Telephone No:  00353 1 498 3100

The Medical Council provides a pack containing the information you need and will outline the steps you need to take should you decide to proceed with an application. The pack includes a guidance document outlining the anaesthesiology competencies and courses that should have been completed as part of your training.

Q. How can I get the experience required without being on the National Training Programme?

A. By applying for stand-alone positions within the hospitals, e.g. vacancies advertised through or If you are successful in obtaining a stand-alone position, you will still be supervised by a Consultant. It is important for any future application through the Credentials route that you maintain full records of your training and you should seek confirmation of any competencies completed at the end of each post.