Faculty of Pain Medicine

This web page is under development as part of the proposed new two year training programme in Pain Medicine which is currently being evaluated by the Medical Council.


The purpose of the Faculty of Pain Medicine is to train and educate medical practitioners in the management of pain medicine and to ensure the delivery of high standards of practice. The Faculty, on behalf of the College, supports Specialist Anaesthesiology Trainees to develop their practice of pain medicine during their training programme, they also offer a SAT 7 Fellowship Year and opportunities for Faculty Fellowships in Pain Medicine

Faculty Activities

Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Programme  The College has set down certain minimum standards regarding duration and structure of training in pain medicine.  All trainees should complete one 2-month period of modular training in pain medicine that includes regular attendance at a Pain Clinic.  They must also participate in a formal Acute Post-Operative Pain Service in at least two other hospital rotations.

CAI YEAR 7 SAT Post CSCST Fellowships The CAI provides the opportunity for trainees to extend their training by one year to complete a Year 7 CAI Fellowship in Pain Medicine among other sub-specialties.

These posts are available as a 7th year of the SAT Programme for the 12 month period following completion of CSCST.  The posts are open only to trainees who have successfully completed the CAI SAT Programme.  There are approximately 21 -25 post available. This is in line with funding agreed with the NDTP (National Doctors Training and Planning unit).  On completion of the SAT 7 CAI Fellowship year, the trainee will be awarded a CAI Certificate of Fellowship (in addition to the CSCST) for completion of a further years’ training in the relevant sub-specialty.

Faculty Fellowship The criteria for admission to the Faculty Fellowship Programme is passing the Diploma in Pain Management exam and Part 2 of the Fellowship examination. Applicants must have completed their base specialty training in Anaesthesiology having been awarded a CSCST or have gained entry to the Specialist Register.

  1. Consultant in Pain Medicine (Level 2) OR
  2. Consultant with a sub-specialty interest in Pain Management (Level 1)

For Anaesthesiology Trainees:

Step 1 (Post FCAI or MCAI*) You will need 6 months modular training and completion of the Exam: DPMCAI (post 2012) *DPMCAI only conferred after FCAI passed

Step 2 (1 yr Special Interest Year (SAT 7) Level 1 Consultant with sub-specialty interest in Pain Management Needs to have completed the requirements of the training programme in Anaesthesiology.

If further training is desired:

Step 3 1 yr Fellowship

Step 4 Take Exam: FPMCAI* (can be taken after 1 yr of Pain Medicine training) Level 2 Consultant in Pain Medicine (CST in Pain Medicine) *FPMCAI only conferred after completion of 2nd year. See examinations page for further information.

CVs can be assessed on a case by case basis for 2 year duration of dedicated Pain Medicine training.

The Post CSCST programme is a hospital based Fellowship programme where successful candidates are allocated to Faculty of Pain Medicine Accredited Hospitals for either 2 x 6 month rotations or 1 x 12 month rotation.

During the course of Fellowship training, candidates are subjected to a Start of Rotation Meeting, Mid Rotation meeting and End of Rotation Assessment each six months.

Pain Medicine Trainees are required to attend the annual Faculty Cadaver Course and are encouraged to present at the Pain Medicine Clinical Research Medal which is part of the Annual Congress of Anaesthesiology and Pain Medicine.

Applications are closed for training posts commencing July 2023.

Fellowship Applicants must:

1. Be registered with the Irish Medical Council Specialist Register by the time of the interview

2. Have completed an approved Specialist Training programme recognised by the Faculty of Pain Medicine

3. Have fulfilled the HSE requirements regarding the English language

Applications for training posts commencing July 2024 will open in July/August 2023.

The following hospitals are approved for Special Interest Posts.

Tallaght Hospital x 1 post Dr Philip Hu
Mater Hospital x 1 post Dr Conor Hearty
St James’s Hospital x 1 post Dr Joseph Fitzgerald
St Vincent’s University Hospital x 1 post Dr Paul Murphy
Cork University Hospital Dr John Browne
Beaumont Hospital x 1 post Dr David Moore

The following hospitals are approved for the Second Year of training in Pain Medicine.

Beaumont Hospital x 1 post Dr David Moore
St Vincents University Hospital x 1 post Dr Paul Murphy
Mater Hospital x 1 post  Dr Conor Hearty

The Board of the Faculty of Pain Medicine 2023 is constituted as follows:

Dean: Dr Hugh Gallagher

Vice Dean: Dr Conor Hearty

Immediate Past Dean: Dr Brendan Conroy

Board Members:          Dr Aine O’Gara, Dr David Moore, Prof Dominic Harmon, Dr Hari Gopal,  Dr John Browne.

The Faculty of Pain Medicine was formally inaugurated at a ceremony in the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland November 22nd 2008. It had existed in shadow form for the previous year. The Faculty is a natural progression from the Pain Medicine Board within the College chaired by Dr John Cooper which was set up in 1999. This Board had successfully established the Diploma in Pain Medicine as the first post graduate examination in Europe (2001-2012). The Board was appointed by the College as the Foundation Council of the new Faculty with Dr David Hill (Belfast) as Dean. The Council then proceeded to elect new officers Dr Camillus Power (Dublin) as Vice Dean, Dr Liam Conroy (Cork) as Hon Sec. and Dr Ray Victory (Dublin) as Hon Treasurer. Dr Power succeeded to the Deanship in October 2009. The first Honorary Fellowship of the new Faculty was awarded to Dr John McAdoo (Cork University Hospital), President of the College of Anaesthesiologists of Ireland, in recognition of his role in the development of the new Faculty.

For more information contact:  Rebeca Williams, Pain Medicine Administrator at the College on 01-2650624 or by email on