Governance Structures and Strategy

The primary governance structure of the College is it’s Council, chaired by the President of the College. It includes 19 elected and co-opted Fellows of the College, two lay representatives and 3 ex-officio members.

Council meets six times per year to discuss matters pertinent to education and training. Council sets up a number of sub committees all of which report directly to Council and some of which meet more often than Council. Elections are held annually to Council.

Fellows wishing to be elected to Council must be three years post-Fellowship and in good standing with the College. The mechanism of election to Council is outlined in Standing Orders. Council members serve five years and are eligible for re-election for a further five years on completion of their first term.

The President is elected by Council and serves for three years. The Honorary Officers, Vice-President, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer, are elected by Council.

Chairs of Committees are appointed by Council on an annual basis, with a maximum term of office of three years. In addition up to 6 additional members may be co-opted, one of whom is a lay member.

The Executive Committee meets monthly and is chaired by the President. Its membership includes the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Vice President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Chair of Training Committee. Its remit is to devise and implement strategy and deal with all operational matters.

Organisational Chart and Reporting Pathways